THE SACRED SHADOW – Courtney Cohen


In “The Sacred Shadow” by Courtney Cohen,  we eagerly enter into the daily mysteries of God’s Kingdom, as God Himself communicates spiritual truths to His people, eternal secrets and sacred mysteries,  hidden in the shadows, to be found by all who seek them. A great light shines on a solid reality, casting a shadow, to represent a solid truth. Courtney leads us to this solid truth and the Great Light behind it, as she draws back the veil that limits our natural senses, to reveal Christ in our daily lives. Everything around us points to a deeper truth, a clearer revelation of reality.  In a fresh, truthful perspective,  Courtney shows us how Science, no enemy of God, discovers God’s creation.

“The Sacred Shadow” takes us on a spiritual journey of discovery,  from Adam’s fall to God’s redemptive plan for mankind, focusing on the Light of Christ as our only source of salvation. God whispers to us in His Word and reigns in an unseen Kingdom. We live as eternity-dwellers in God’s Kingdom. This is our only true reality. This world is actually a glimpse of another world, God’s Kingdom, the spiritual world,  eternity,  which Courtney calls “the realer real.” Explore the exquisite mysteries of God’s Kingdom and the nearness of His Presence. Perceive the present reality in its truest sense, as God makes Himself clearly known, though we squint against His light, being unused to its dazzling brightness. The longer we bask in the sunlight of God’s glory, the clearer we perceive the grandeur of His kingdom.

The Church is the bride of Christ, our heavenly Bridegroom, with whom the bride lives in His Kingdom. This world is like a shadow, reminding us of a greater, realer substance,  the Kingdom. God created the shadow to bear witness to the substance, this world, to show us what the Kingdom looks like. Yet we often live only in the shadow, despite God’s invitation into His substance. Let us press into the sacred shadow and through it, into God and His Kingdom, to find Him here and now. Turn on God’s light to see a clearer reflection of reality. The realest real is only seen face-to-face. Come and taste God’s love, as you see Him, in the Spirit-filled pages of “The Sacred Shadow.”

Our senses-oriented life is the shadow. The physical realm is a shadow of the spiritual realm. God uses the physical realm to teach us about Him. Let us press past the shadow of our physical lives to where God calls His bride, the Church, to join Him in the real spiritual world, the realer real, here on earth. The physical realm of this world is the shadow. The spiritual realm of God’s Kingdom is the substance. God reveals His Kingdom to us through earth’s realities. We must grasp the reality of God’s Kingdom beyond the shadow of this world. “These are a shadow of the things to come,  but the substance belongs to  Christ” – (Colossians 2:17). That substance is God’s Kingdom. Christ is the Bridegroom, with authority over His Kingdom, which exists in us, the Church, when we surrender our lives to God. Christ’s light reveals His Kingdom to us in the spiritual realm. When we open our eyes to God’s light, His Presence fills our lives to illuminate the substance, God’s Kingdom, as the greatest reality, the realest real, of all realities. 

Miriam Jacob

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