CHRONIC HEALING – Courtney Cohen


In “Chronic Healing,” Courtney Cohen masterfully weaves a tapestry of sound biblical wisdom into her spirited fight against chronic disease. Endowed with indomitable courage and determination,  Courtney bravely confronts difficult, life-challenging questions looming large in her life, as her doubts and fears resonate clearly with our own. The answers Courtney finds in her persistent quest for healing are soothing to the soul. This book is born out of Courtney’s mature walk with Christ the Healer, who is her All-in-All. “Chronic Healing” captures the essence of experiencing true freedom in the midst of battling chronic disease. It imparts wisdom and insight to all who face trials and tribulations. Faithful, fearless, strong and resilient, Courtney has a strong calling of God upon her life and a deep passion for Christ and His cause. I strongly recommend this book to all who want healing in their lives, in body, mind, soul and spirit. Come and receive Christ the Savior, in all His fullness. Get to know Christ the Healer, as Courtney has. Your life will never be the same, when you experience a touch from Christ, the Healer of hearts and souls.

Miriam Jacob



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