In “Obedience over Hustle,” Malinda Fuller describes the surrender of the striving heart to obey God. Malinda heard God’s voice, quiet and unassuming, bold, gentle, firm and tender, speaking directly to her heart. All he said was, “Will you obey Me? Am I not your Provider.” As she wrestled with those questions, Malinda had a choice to make. She would trust God to provide for her. She would “confront the Hustle” and “choose Obedience.”

We must not manipulate God’s plan and fast track His agenda to attain our dreams. We should aim to obey God and do whatever He asks of us. Our only aim must be to love Him, serve Him and help to build His Kingdom. We will go wherever He leads us. We will choose Obedience over Hustle. Let us choose God’s way only, not ours. The hustling heart always strives for something more and is never satisfied with anything. Hustling ruthlessly chases after a goal at any cost. 

God calls us to listen to His voice, obey Him, follow His leading and yield to Him. Let us choose Obedience in the tiniest details and in the grandest plans. We must be satisfied with God and His plans for us. Obedience to God is a daily decision to obey Him. It is a way of thinking, a lifestyle.  God wants us to partner with Him. Life acquires meaning when we work with God to achieve His purposes. God honors us when we work with Him. We must try on God for everything and depend on Him for favorable outcomes. God wants our partnership with Him to make His name great and point people to Christ. Say yes to God, give up the hustle and step into obedient living. I recommend this book to all who love God, desire to obey Him at any cost and who want God’s will to reign supreme in their lives.

Miriam Jacob 



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