Imprint: Revell. Publisher: Baker Publishing Group. Date of Publication: October 2019. ISBN: 9781493419500. Price: $4.99

In “Words of Hope for Women,” Carolyn Larsen presents 90 short-to-the-point devotionals to illuminate God’s priceless, reassuring promises and shows us how to apply them to our lives, by reaching out to the One who promises divine comfort and consolation amidst life’s distressing trials. Carolyn’s scripture verses are skillfully illustrated  with  bright humor and poignant tenderness, giving you a positive perspective on life and the world around you. Instead of worrying about our distressing circumstances, we can learn to live with a sense of purpose, trusting God to guide us through to victory. No matter what each day holds, the direction our days take is ultimately shaped by our own attitude. Faced with trials and tribulations, we easily become discouraged, seeing only the pitiful past and the innumerable challenges of the present, oblivious to the hope for the future. But God, not being limited by the constraints and confines of time, works all things out for our good and His glory. God has a divine plan and a supernatural purpose for everything in our lives, and He can be trusted to keep His promises. I highly recommend this inspiring book to all who wish to have a rich, devotional faith and a personal relationship with the King of Kings.

Miriam Jacob 

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