Imprint: Revell. Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781493419364
Pub. Date: Oct 2019
Price: $15.99

In “The Roll of the Drums,” Jan Drexler has produced a rare masterpiece of genuine Amish family life, combined with true Christian faith and exemplary values of decency and decorum, set in the backdrop of war and its fiery aftermath. Jan combines intensive historical research with true-to-life characters, to create a memorable story of the sweetness of true love, flourishing against all odds, amidst the conflict, sorrow and trauma of battle. The true values of honest faith, love of family and hard-won freedom of the gentle Amish community are painfully tested in the excruciating crucible of war. Lives and hearts are disrupted by the roll of the drums. This haunting and beautifully woven love story of Gideon and Ruby, surrounded by Gideon’s children, captures the mind and nourishes the soul, keeping readers spellbound, as Jan Drexler graphically portrays the heroic struggles of fiery faith, aspiring hope and selfless love in families, communities and churches. I strongly recommend this inspiring, enlightening and engaging book to all who wish to know about the true and honorable values of family life in Amish communities.

Miriam Jacob

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