GOD – Renu Thomas

by Renu Thomas

Father God, You are the unseen One,
No man has seen You but Your Son,
O God, You are the most Holy One,
But we see You in Your Son.Creator God, most Holy One,
You loved us so, your sinful ones,
That on the cross, You gave Your Son,
To save us, Your sinful ones.Lamb of God, sinless Son,
In flesh, You came for us, Your sinful ones,
On the cross, You died, blameless One,
To save our souls, Your unworthy ones.Spirit of God, restoring One,
You live in us, Your sinful ones,
Grace You give us, one by one,
To overcome sin, till we see Your Son Triune God, God in one,
Thank You for living in us, Your unworthy ones,
Help us by Your grace, oh, sinless One,
To walk in love, for Your sake, merciful One.

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