In her majestic poetry, Chrissy Siggee weaves a glorious tapestry of beauty, as she selflessly strives to become a woman after God’s own heart. She is passionately devoted to God, with a heart that abides in God’s Word, fervently committed to prayer and the spontaneous sacrifice of praise. Chrissy is blessed with a heart that serves, submits, loves and overflows, a soul deeply committed to creating order from chaos, a mind strengthened by spiritual growth and enriched by joy in the Lord and in the strength of His might. In all things, great and small, Chrissy shows that she cares, encourages, seeks first things first and follows ardently after God’s heart, searching, seeking and finding with all her strength and determination.

Chrissy made the most important decision in her life when she chose with her whole heart to live each day for God. She loves God, worships Him, walks with Him, serves Him, and eagerly looks forward to being with Him in eternity. Chrissy enjoys true inner peace and joy as she selflessly nurtures a heart of singleminded devotion to God, who is Number One in Chrissy’s life, the priority above all priorities, the love above all loves. Chrissy passionately yearns for the things of God, to be God’s woman, to love Him fervently with her whole heart, soul and mind. She made a soul-satisfying decision to love God and follow after Him with her whole heart, each and every day, for as long as she lives. For Chrissy, every day counts when she is devoted to God, for God is divine love, and it is heaven on earth to be in His presence, the awesome and glorious presence of God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.

Being a woman after God’s own heart, Chrissy is fully preocccupied with one thing at all times – God and His service. While she fulfills her God-given responsibilities, she also gives the highest priority to do the one and only thing that matters most – worshipping God. Chrissy is fully conscious that nothing can take the place of time spent in God’s presence, an act that subsequently fuels and focuses all future acts of spirit-filled service, quality time spent in eternal pursuits that ultimately reaps its own rewards. Chrissy spends each new day breathing in God’s freshness and walking in His truth, keeping close to God through His Word, drawing on its rich source of eternal, life-changing value. As she stands in His righteousness, and kneels in His presence, she takes in the most radiant glimpses of His glory, and the dazzling beauty she finds there is transformed into her poetry.

In “Glimpses of His Glory”, Chrissy has slipped yet another priceless pearl onto her strand, winning the most magnificent prize that awaits a woman after God’s own heart. She has dedicated her book to the Glory of God and His majestic creation “for He is worthy to be praised.” Chrissy glimpses God’s glory and sees God’s beauty in the universe all around her. To her there is nothing more beautiful than God’s creation. She feels that it is as much a part of her as the Saviour Himself. Chrissy is reaping her reward for living life God’s way – and the blessings that come with it are immeasurably, unspeakably and indescribably beautiful. To God be all the glory.

Chrissy Siggee has spent many fulfilling and satisfying years in children and youth ministries. She also devoted a lot of her time to pastoral care and counselling to people with special needs. “Out of the Shadows – Jenna’s Secret” is the fruit of Chrissy’s efforts to help teens with eating disorders. “It is the story of a girl who, at the brink of going too far, learns from her mistakes and from seeing those who crossed the line.” Chrissy has a deep-rooted passion to help others through her own remarkable experiences and pastoral care training. She is an avid poet and short fiction writer of international stature, who has gained worldwide recognition through numerous writing organisations across the globe.

© Miriam Jacob

5 thoughts on “GLIMPSES OF HIS GLORY – Chrissy Siggee”

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more, Miriam. I’ve known Chrissy for quite a few years, and her love for God is obvious in her day to day life and her interaction with those around her . Her book, “Glimpses of His Glory” is wonderful.

    1. Thanks a lot, Lyn. Chrissy is a precious friend of mine. We’ve known each other for well over a decade. She does awesome work for God. Her books are so beautiful. Her heart beats for Christ.


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