Reviewer: Miriam Jacob,
Publication: The Journal of Theological Studies, Oxford Academic.
Publisher: Oxford University Press.
Date: 04/01/2016

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Miriam Jacob is the founder of “Anointed for Christ Church Ministries”. When she first started her online work in 2003, she originally intended to serve God by publishing Christian articles and poems for God’s honour and glory. She did this successfully but God had other plans to launch a worldwide ministry to serve the people of the world, an incredible plan which constantly amazes and inspires Miriam. as she sees the awesome and mighty things that God does each new day. These are certainly things that only God can do, and all honour and glory is given to Him.

This is the amazing story of the birth of a ministry which now spans the globe and is unique in one feature. It is among the very few ministries in the world that actually lives on the internet. Every other ministry has an earthly base, but the base of this ministry is the internet, which is the sole reason for its existence.

It all started on July 20, 2006 at 5.58pm with the click of a button. A friend suggested that Miriam should create a website for her family and friends, appropriately titled “Miriam’s Christian Family.” She started the website and made the first post, updating the site daily with Christian articles, poems and quotes. Family and friends came from all over the world to join the website. People from 168 countries in five continents started to visit on a regular basis.

A publishing ministry was launched in faith. An international writers community featuring the articles and poems of a large number of Christian authors and poets were published on the website. The works of graphics designers, artists and photographers were added to the site. Musicians, singers and songwriters enhanced the website with their musical creations.

A wealth of Christian articles, poems, e-books, devotions, songs, graphics and paintings were published for God’s glory and honour. Inspired by God, the website was named “Anointed For Christ Ministries” in 2008. An international network of ministry websites was launched in a global campaign. This was the birth of the “Anointed For Christ Network”, which is expanding at a rapid pace, with new websites being constantly added.

In 2009, a worldwide network for counseling and pastoral care was launched and the ministry was officially named “Anointed For Christ Church Ministries.” Prayer and pastoral care is given round the clock to the people of the world in a constant flow of e-mails and instant chat messages for prayer and spiritual support. Every single e-mail is prayed for and replied to instantly.

In 2011, Miriam Jacob started to review books for authors and publishers. Her reviews were published in Christian Book Distributors, Barnes and Noble, Google Books, Goodreads, NetGalley, and on her own blogs at WordPress and Blogger.

In 2016, her review of a doctoral thesis from Exeter University, UK, later published as a book by I. B. Tauris (UK), was published in The Journal of Theological Studies, Oxford Academic, Oxford University Press.
Date of Publication: 04/01/2016

Miriam reviews books for these publishers –

Editions Grasset et Fasquelle, WaterBrook & Multnomah, The Bible Society, Abingdon Press, Penguin Random House, Penguin Publishing, Penguin Press, Penguin Books, New Hope Publishers, Wipf and Stock Publishers, HarperCollins Christian Publishing – Zondervan, Thomas Nelson, Zondervan Academic, Gallic Books, Aardvark Bureau – Belgravia Books Collective, Harvest House Publishers, Tyndale House Publishers, Barbour Publishing, Inc., I.B.Tauris Publishers and Kregel Publications.