UNSEEN – The Gift of Being Hidden in a World that Loves to be Noticed – by Sara Hagerty

UNSEEN - Sara Hagerty

UNSEEN – The Gift of Being Hidden in a World that Loves to be Noticed – by Sara Hagerty

Publisher: Zondervan. Release Date: August 29, 2017. 

ISBN-13: 978-0310339977

In her spiritually uplifting and deeply enlightening book, “Unseen”, Sara Hagerty eloquently writes about the extraordinary gift of being unseen in a very noticeable world. Sara’s heart longed to be seen and understood. Yet, sometimes she felt unwitnessed, unnoticed and unappreciated. Struggling through her own personal spiritual experiences, Sara painstakingly confronts a peculiar moral dilemma when she questions her faith as to whether God who loves her when she serves Him in full-time ministry work, still loves her when she is unseen and does not do anything for Him.

How can we find contentment when we are unseen and unknown, hidden away from the glaring eyes of the world? Sara patiently explains that God is the only One who truly knows us and understands the priceless value of the unseen in our lives. As this insightful truth seeps into our hearts and souls, we realize that being hidden away in God imbues us with true freedom, inspiring us to help others in joyous abandon. Only when we give ourselves wholeheartedly and unreservedly to God can we live out what God intended and who He created us to be. As Sara beautifully writes with the heart of a scribe, “Maybe my seemingly unproductive, looking-up-at-Him life produces awe among the angels.”

Through a passionate exploration of her own personal life and the Holy Scriptures, Sara gives a crystal clear clarion call to us to offer all our unseen moments to God, in all the secret places of our lives, where God meets us with a radical love, the kind of unhinged love that surrenders everything at His feet. Unseen and hidden away in all our secret places, God invites us to share His life with this arresting question: “When no one else applauds you, when it makes no sense, when you see no results—will you waste your love on Me?”

As Sara struggles to come to terms with her doubts and fears, Christ weeps unseen for her and for a lost world that neither recognizes His presence nor cares about Him. As we lift up our faces to Him, dazzled by the radiance emanating from that most beautiful of countenances, He reaches out to us, smiling that most wondrous of smiles. Sara Hagerty heard His tender whisper, gently calling her to Him, through all the pain and loneliness of being unseen in a very noticeable world.

Each time Sara’s desperate heart broke in despair with the agony of being unseen in a world she did not feel she belonged to, Christ sought her, reaching out to her lovingly and engulfed her in His warm embrace. Through pain and perplexity, Sara found intimacy with Jesus. When life stopped for her, God met her at her greatest point of need. His Word and His whisper took on new meaning to her in the darkness of despair. Sara found God in the most unlikely places.

In the hustle, bustle and shuffle of life, Sara’s writings invitingly beckon us to God, who sees us, as we find our way back to Him. When we feel unnoticed and invisible, our hearts restlessly seeking to live in the fullness of life with Jesus, we feel His tender gaze upon us, the only one worth vying for. Sara’s exquisite writing leads us to the heart of Christ. Her poignant vulnerability assures us that there is a divine purpose in everything we do. Absolutely nothing ever goes unnoticed by God who loves us and delights in us.

Sara gives us treasured glimpses into her precious friendship with God. She makes us want to spend time with Him; to find our ultimate sense of fulfillment in His approval, and be content in His presence alone. Through Sara’s words, we hear His voice and see Him work His miracle of grace in our hearts. Sara’s life points us to Him. ‘Unseen’ inspires our hearts with the sterling knowledge that the most fruitful and fulfilling service to God is well off the beaten path, right in the heart of his will. There is divine conviction and confirmation in this true-to-the-gospel book. Let it revive your faith in the most eternally beautiful way.

With profound wisdom and humble sincerity, Sara urges us to turn away from the noise of the world and delightfully waste time with God, pampering Him with our love. “Unseen” give us a priceless gift, inviting us to realize the very purpose of our existence, created and redeemed to become fully alive in God. Unseen is just the compass we need to chart us into safe waters. Sara reveals the hidden beauty of abiding in the unseen. In a world that is programmed to be seen, we come alive in the unseen. As the heart journeys into hiddenness, we are ushered into new-found identity and intimacy with God.

In “Unseen”, Sara Hagerty reveals herself so vulnerably with a rare, winsome transparency. She teaches us to desire the praise of God and not the fleeting praise of man. As we are faithful to Jesus in all the hidden, secret places, Sara’s inspiring words give us God’s perspective and clarity of vision on the unseen worth of our daily lives. “Unseen” inspires us to be faithful, to see beauty around us and to rest in God’s sweet love each new day.

Reaching deep down into our hearts, Sara inspires us to ignore the clamoring world and surge into the sacred space of His sanctuary, to hear His voice alone, in quietness and confidence. We are safe and secure in the palm of His hand, hidden in His gaze. In this exquisite book, Sara skillfully combines the art of storytelling with the Gospel. Jesus wants us to live life with Him, not just for Him. When we enjoy the affection of Christ, we do not crave the applause of man.

Hidden away, unseen by the world, Sara gazed into the father-heart of God, who loves her more than life itself. Sara glimpsed His glory and felt His unconditional love for her flowing freely into her heart. Who was God when she was alone, unseen and had nothing to give Him? This ultimate, soul-searching question guided Sara to a quiet place where she met God and tasted His goodness. This book will set the world on fire for God. I recommend it to every person who wishes to know the unseen beauty of a life hidden in God. 

Unseen will draw you closer to the heart of God than never before. Hidden within its pages is the key to the heart of God. You will be totally transformed, as you find your heart lifting up to God in praise and worship. Hidden away in the heart of God, you will know what it truly means to taste Christ’s love. I encourage you to read this deeply inspiring book for your spiritual edification.

Miriam Jacob