Your kind words inspire me so much! Your wishes for God’s blessing upon me will bestow the greatest and best for my life. Such is the power of your words that they lift me up on wings of hope!

I have known Miriam Jacob for many years in the capacity of good personal friend, spiritual prayer partner, as well as editorial and promotional advisor for my writings. You will not find a more dedicated, fervent, and sincere person for ministry than Miriam.

On many occasions she has been a tireless prayer warrior and advisor on issues in my personal life and that of my family and friends. She has always kept her commitment to pray unceasingly until we have the breakthrough of answered prayer. She has not only dedicated time to the Lord to be His handmaiden, but her entire lifestyle is entirely given over to the Lord to be used as His vessel as He sees fit.

When people ask for prayer support from Miriam, it is met with sincerity of heart and fervency of the most serious nature. She carries the fear of the Lord in everything she does.. and applies her advice and prayers with much love, conviction and gentleness.

When someone interacts with Miriam, the genuine love and concern is evident. There is no falsity, or following mere ritual or rules in her prayers, she prays soundly, biblically, but entirely with a great deal of love and empathy for the one requesting prayer.

I have observed Miriam with her online work and ministry. She is tireless, devoted, sincere, full of hope, giving much encouragement always, no matter what season she may find herself in. She is selfless, trustworthy, real and a beautiful spirit who I am so blessed to call friend and sister in the Lord.

© Iris G. Woytowich

I have known Miriam Jacob for several years and can attest to her dedication to teaching God’s Word and to the veracity/soundness of her prophetic proclamations. She is one of my most trusted and respected colleagues and friends.

© Kathi Macias

I am consistently encouraged by Miriam’s posts, often feeling God confirming His word to my heart through her. Thank you, Miriam, for your faithfulness to love God and His people, to encourage and speak truth. May you experience His nearness in profound ways and testify to His Truth by your faith.

© Kelley Latta.