Praying God’s Promises: The Life-Changing Power of Praying the Scriptures – Linda Evans Shepherd

Revell, Pub Date 03 Jul 2018.
ISBN: 9780800723897
PRICE $13.99

When we pray according to God’s will, He delights to answer our prayers. What is God’s will? How can we know it and pray it? God’s will is revealed in His Word through His promises.

Linda Evans Shepherd explains how to pray God’s powerful promises into our lives. This book inspires us to pray according to God’s will and to wait patiently for His glorious answers in our lives.

God is a God of Promises, fulfilled in Jesus Christ. All God’s promises are Yes and Amen in Christ. God controls everything in our lives. He loves us with an everlasting love. He is our Mighty Warrior. He fights all our battles. He is our Divine Doctor. He heals all our diseases.

God’s promises make a huge difference in our lives. God can be trusted, no matter how big our problems are. God’s promises calm our storms and delivers us out of them all. God’s promises are real. We are living proof of this. God’s promises prove true and cause a deep trust to well up in our spirits.

Miriam Jacob,


Revell Reads



Beauty is holiness. The purer the stream the more lovely its waters—we want to swim in untainted oceans, fish in clear lakes, and drink from unpolluted fountains. We enjoy looking at clear skies, breathing air that is not polluted, and walking on pathways that are not covered with litter. The purest stream flows from the heart of God. Every aspect of beauty is found, in its fullness, in God alone. He is the most beautiful person in the entire universe. He is beautiful because He is holy. God has no flaws, no stains, no impurities, no defilement. His holiness allows us to delight in Him, enjoy Him, and behold Him in deepest adoration.

– Roy Lessin


A Passionate Hope – Hannah’s Story – by Jill Eileen Smith – review by Miriam Jacob

Series: Daughters of the Promised Land
E-Book: ISBN9781493412488. Publication Date: Feb 2018. SRP $15.99

Can a single, childless woman’s prayers change the world? Hannah and her husband, Elkanah loved each other deeply. They also loved God fervently. Passionately longing for restoration, they prayed for a deliverer. But as the long, wearisome years passed, nothing changed for the better. As Hannah was barren, Elkanah married Peninnah, who quickly bore children and cruelly taunted Hannah mercilessly. Hannah’s tearful prayers went unanswered. Would Hannah’s devotion and kindness amount to nothing? Will God answer her heart’s cries and agonizing pleas?

In the dusty streets of Shiloh, Jill Eileen Smith vividly brings to life a story of hope, patience, and deliverance. Even the most broken and irretrievably lost of all relationships can be mercifully restored by God’s benevolent love. A Passionate Hope is a novel about redeeming love, steeped in dramatic historical detail about real people, large as life, who suffering agonizing heartache, cry out to God and are transformed by the miracle of grace. Impeccable research and vivid prose brings the characters of the Bible to life. The themes of heartache, saving grace, fiery faith, redemption, and healing are excitingly interwoven into a dramatic finish. This is a well-drawn love story with wistful imaginings and soulful heart cries.

Jill Eileen Smith writes intriguing, spirit-filled fiction, about inspiring women of sterling character, drawn from the dusty margins of Biblical history, to illuminate their achievements like the sun shining in full strength. Her richly detailed settings and gift of graphic description give readers a strong sense of what life was really like in ancient Israel.

Miriam Jacob,


Revell Reads.



The prayers of those with burning hearts become a true fragrance to the Lord. Our heartfelt prayers fill the golden bowls in heaven. As we study the Scripture, we see a loving Father who describes passionate prayers as “a sweet-smelling savor” (2 Cor. 2:15). That’s His way of saying how pleased He is when we worship the Lord with ALL our hearts, in no rush to leave.

Sincere, loving prayer and worship is an exquisitely beautiful thing rising from the golden altars where saints with burning hearts romance the divine. They keep the Lord company, speaking to Him as a lover and a friend. It doesn’t matter where they worship, whether down on their knees or in a magnificent cathedral. What gets His attention is a burning heart that cries out with sincerity, refusing to leave until it’s made a real connection with the Most High. When He finds someone that fits that description, a sweet fragrance wafts toward the throne, and He leans over glory to inhale again. He takes it in and smiles in obvious delight. Someone is offering true worship.

Are you aware that it takes about two thousand flowers to produce one gram of fragrant oil or 9,000 crushed rosebuds to produce a single ounce of perfume? In fact, when you enter a rose garden, the scent is far more powerful in the early morning hours when the dew is still on the roses. In the same way, it takes time and patience soaking in the presence of the Lord in true worship to produce the kind of fragrance that He leans down to inhale.

You might ask, “Isn’t loud, enthusiastic praise just as precious to the Lord?” Well, that depends on the spirit with which it’s given. However, we must admit that it’s easy to praise without actually connecting with the Father’s heart in true worship. That’s why it’s so vital that we examine our hearts, to make sure we’re not merely going through the motions, just to get it over with.

I can hear the Lord say:
“I see their hands and hearts lifted in intimate worship—I must draw near to such as these. I must breathe in the fragrance of that kind of worship, for I am well pleased!”

“Those that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth, for God seeketh such to worship him” (John 4:23). Why does He seek them? The answer is because they are so hard to find—rare specimens in today’s busy, noisy culture. Noise is cheap, while true worship is as rare and costly as real perfume. But are we willing to pay the price to be true worshipers? Will you be one of those who burns with love before the throne and lets your fragrance warm His heart?

“Let my prayer be accepted as sweet-smelling incense in your presence. Let the lifting up of my hands in prayer be accepted as an evening sacrifice” (Psalm 141:2).

© Steve Porter


Handbook to Happiness and the Handbook Blog


We pray that the Handbook to Happiness and the Handbook Blog will have an impact on pastors in training and, in turn, they will impact the Church. Each of the pastors needs to see the simplicity and power of the Wheel and Line diagrams that illustrate the teaching. The Wheel and Line tract is a condensation of Chapter Two of Handbook to Happiness, by Dr. Charles R. Solomon. The book explains and applies the message of the Cross and Exchanged Life in strategic ways. Experiencing the Cross in our own lives by understanding our crucifixion and resurrection with Christ is the only way into the Spirit-controlled life (Galatians 5:16). It is life out of death, victory out of defeat. It is the only purpose and sole answer for suffering in the believer’s life. Our path to the Cross, and the Cross itself, is a path of suffering that leads to the end of suffering with victory in the believer’s life. “I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me” – (Galatians 2:20). After studying Handbook to Happiness, pastors will witness this life transformation in themselves and those to whom they minister, and will teach it in the Church. The Handbook to Happiness, a fifty-year-old, time-tested and proven Biblical Guide to Victorious Living, along with its Wheel and Line diagrams, is a powerful tool to revitalize the Church with a new reformation in this 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s Reformation!

Miriam Jacob