THE SACRED SHADOW – Courtney Cohen


In “The Sacred Shadow” by Courtney Cohen,  we eagerly enter into the daily mysteries of God’s Kingdom, as God Himself communicates spiritual truths to His people, eternal secrets and sacred mysteries,  hidden in the shadows, to be found by all who seek them. A great light shines on a solid reality, casting a shadow, to represent a solid truth. Courtney leads us to this solid truth and the Great Light behind it, as she draws back the veil that limits our natural senses, to reveal Christ in our daily lives. Everything around us points to a deeper truth, a clearer revelation of reality.  In a fresh, truthful perspective,  Courtney shows us how Science, no enemy of God, discovers God’s creation.

“The Sacred Shadow” takes us on a spiritual journey of discovery,  from Adam’s fall to God’s redemptive plan for mankind, focusing on the Light of Christ as our only source of salvation. God whispers to us in His Word and reigns in an unseen Kingdom. We live as eternity-dwellers in God’s Kingdom. This is our only true reality. This world is actually a glimpse of another world, God’s Kingdom, the spiritual world,  eternity,  which Courtney calls “the realer real.” Explore the exquisite mysteries of God’s Kingdom and the nearness of His Presence. Perceive the present reality in its truest sense, as God makes Himself clearly known, though we squint against His light, being unused to its dazzling brightness. The longer we bask in the sunlight of God’s glory, the clearer we perceive the grandeur of His kingdom.

The Church is the bride of Christ, our heavenly Bridegroom, with whom the bride lives in His Kingdom. This world is like a shadow, reminding us of a greater, realer substance,  the Kingdom. God created the shadow to bear witness to the substance, this world, to show us what the Kingdom looks like. Yet we often live only in the shadow, despite God’s invitation into His substance. Let us press into the sacred shadow and through it, into God and His Kingdom, to find Him here and now. Turn on God’s light to see a clearer reflection of reality. The realest real is only seen face-to- face. Come and taste God’s love, as you see Him face-to-face, in the Spirit-filled pages of “The Sacred Shadow.”

Miriam Jacob


Always We Begin Again – Leanna Tankersley


“Always We Begin Again,” a challenging, inspiring and thought-provoking quote by St. Benedict, is the rich source of inspiration for the title of Leanna Tankersley’s book, appropriately subtitled “Stepping into the Next, New Moment.” This is a soulful and sacred invitation to anchor you to your true identity. A tender, powerful book, with a unique blend of candid honesty and expectant, soul-refreshing hope, it is an inspirational treasury of hope, filled with grace, that invites us to rest, renew and refresh ourselves, as we step into the next, new moment of each new day. It’s a challenge but one worth taking. I encourage you to read this life-transforming book.

Miriam Jacob



Finding Lady Enderly – Joanna Davidson Politano

“Finding Lady Enderly” by award-winning author, Joanna Davidson Politano is a splendid, endearing tale of whimsy, intrigue, danger and love, that cleverly captures the colorful, exquisite details in ordinary, humdrum, day-to-day lives, highlighting random acts of kindness, compassion and care.

The beautiful heroine, Raina, is a true vision of loveliness, with a vein of gold coursing through her veins, born with a lively, spirited imagination, noble and respectable in character though in dire financial straits. Raina wrestles with two identities – Lady Enderly’s and her own. It leads us all to ponder our own identities and who we really are at heart.
This is a classic novel of the romantic mystery of a misplaced heroine, on a compelling, spellbound journey into the world of ancestral inheritance. It explores the innocent, heartfelt loyalty of love. In a deeply-moving, dramatic story-within-a-story, full of puzzling Victorian intrigue, Joanna Davidson Politano skillfully combines the elements of romance and mystery to create a melodramatic plot twist to keep you captivated and spellbound until the loose ends of the mystery are all wrapped up. I highly recommend this awesome book by an extremely gifted and talented author.
Miriam Jacob

The Battle God Fought – Ruth Susan George

Psalms 119:68 –

“God is good, what He does is good”

Hello, my name is Ruth Susan George. I am now in year 7 of Children’s Service. I am going to share one incident in my life where God Fought the Battle for me and my family. I still have a scar to remind of this amazing moment. But, wait I am getting ahead of myself, that battle goes like this.

Back in April 2018, my family and I, straight after my 11th birthday went to India for the Easter holidays. Unusually, this time I wasn’t very excited to go and was persuading myself to be. After landing at Cochin we had to go and visit some family members along the way and at the end we reached my father’s house late evening. Now, I had nothing to do but my father did. Dad had to go to an optician to fix glasses and since I had nothing to do I forced myself to go. I asked my mum to come with us as well. My father’s testing was taking time, so my mum wanted to test her eyes because she had been having some headaches. I also said I wanted mine checked in the hope of getting a new frame, although I started wearing one only 6 months before. When mine was tested, I couldn’t see the first letter of every row. The optician suggested to consult an Ophthalmologist. My parents booked an appointment and got it on the day before my father was leaving back to Doha.

My aunt from Ernakulam had come for that night so my father didn’t really want to go. But my mother insisted that we should. Anyway, we went to Chaithanya Hospital and it took the whole day with tests and scans. While my scanning was progressing, I saw the doctor talking seriously with my parents. At the end, the doctor wrote a letter and told us to see a Neurologist before leaving the country. We went home and I was told to go and lie down. I found my father calling the airline to change his flight. I also remember that my parents were being very soft with me after the scan.
We went to Indo-American Hospital in Vaikom for further consultation. On the way I was singing a chorus repeatedly and it was ‘On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand’. My mum asked me to stop singing as she was tensed hearing the word ‘sinking sand’. We saw the Neurologist and on his preliminary examination we were told there was nothing wrong with me. I was relieved, but then he said because of the Ophthalmologist’s letter I had to take an MRI. I was really sad and started crying. Anyway, we started taking other tests and went for lunch before taking MRI. After the MRI my mum told me to sit with my uncle while they went to meet the doctor. My mum came back and said, “Let’s go for a walk”. We went and she said, “Let’s go back slowly to Qatar”. Still I had no idea what was going on.
Next week I found myself in a hospital bed and about to have a surgery. You may ask why I was going to have a surgery, it was because I had brain tumor. Well, the night before the surgery, one of my mum’s friends Betsy aunty, from children’s service sent her a verse from the message she heard at the church and it was 2 Chronicles 20:15, ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s’. On the day of the surgery, I started singing a song ‘The enemy trembles every time cause he knows the battle is no longer mine’, which became the battle song for my parents, even though they never heard it before. After the surgery, I had some trouble to walk and had to be helped about. One morning, during prayer my mum asked me to read a Psalm. I read 126 thinking that was one of my father’s favourite. The Psalm says that nations and us will say that God has done great things for us. Later only I found my father’s favourite chapter was 128 and my parents think it was my Heavenly Father who prompted me to read this great promise. I was also told that lot of people, including Doha Children’s Service, joined the battle by praying for me.
So, this is my story and that is why I still have a scar on the back of my head. But what I learned is that, God will fight the battle for you whatever they are. So do not worry He will help you in times of troubles and is always there for you. I want to help and encourage others and that is why I think this has happened to me.
© Ruth Susan George

102 fascinating Bible studies on the New Testament – William H. Marty

Published: April 16th 2019. Bethany House Publishers, Baker Publishing Group. ISBN:9780764232435. Price: $13.99.

“102 fascinating Bible studies on the New Testament” by William H. Marty is exclusively designed to help you to know the Word of God and the God of the Word. If you love God, a passionate love for the Word of God will be ignited in you through the inspiring pages of this book. You will gain a fresh insight and a new perspective on how to become more like Christ. The Spirit of wisdom and revelation will help you to know God better through the 102 fascinating and insightful Bible studies on the New Testament vividly detailed in this book.



This prayer was written by General Douglas MacArthur, a hero of World War II, on behalf of his son whom he loved dearly.

‘Build me a son, O Lord, who will be strong enough to know when he is weak, and brave enough to face himself when he is afraid; one who will be proud and unbending in honest defeat, and humble and gentle in victory. Build me a son whose wishbone will not be where his backbone should be; a son who will know You…Lead him, I pray, not in the path of ease and comfort, but under the stress and spur of difficulties and challenge. Here let him learn to stand up in the storm; here let him learn compassion for those who fail. Build me a son whose heart will be clean, whose goal will be high; a son who will master himself before he seeks to master other men; one who will learn to laugh, yet never forget how to weep; one who will reach into the future, yet never forget the lessons of the past. And after all these things are his, add, I pray, enough of a sense of humour, so that he may always be serious, yet never take himself too seriously. Give him humility, so that he may always remember the simplicity of greatness, the open mind of true wisdom, the meekness of true strength. Then I, his father, will dare to whisper, “I have not lived in vain.”’


40 VERSES TO IGNITE YOUR FAITH – Laurie Polich Short

Bethany House Publishers, Date of Publication: April 2, 2019. ISBN: 9780764232565, Price: $13.99

40 Verses to Ignite your Faith” by Laurie Polich Short is an inspiring book of 40 exclusive Bible verses for all who seek God’s wisdom and hope. We encounter the God who breathes life into dead bones, the God who weeps and the invisible God who is visible through our eyes of faith, as we sit in the silence of God, waiting to hear from Him.

These 40 specially selected Bible verses are “the lesser known Scriptures to help us discover new angles to breathe life into our faith.” God’s amazing grace always gives us “second chances, fresh starts and new beginnings.”

Trusting God in despair requires a resilient faith that will never give up, whatever the cost. God pulls out all the stops for us to taste His love. “You are the God who sees me… I have now seen the One who sees me” – (Genesis 16:13).

These inspiring words boost and bolster our faith like nothing else. We have a God who sees us in our pain, when we are utterly alone. God is with us in our sufferings. We are never alone.  I highly recommend this book to all who desire to taste God’s love in all its fullness.

Miriam Jacob 





THE HEART OF A KING – Jill Eileen Smith


Publisher: Revell, Baker Publishing Group. Date of Publication: 30 April 2019. ISBN: 9781493417698. Price: $15.99


“The Heart of a King” by Jill Eileen Smith, though ostensibly a story of love, loss and longing, depicting the many loves of King Solomon of Israel, is really a story about Solomon and his God.

This is the true-to-life story of how the wisest King of a vast kingdom allowed passion to overrule his unique God-given wisdom, making him trust the gifts instead of the Giver.

Jill Eileen Smith skillfully brings King Solomon to life, portraying his real personality as a man of many loves, with creative interpretations, systematically interspersed with rich Biblical truths.

In his persistent quest for true love, after receiving the greatest wisdom in the world from God, King Solomon must have finally realized that only God can satisfy the deepest longings and deep-seated desires of the human heart.

In this book, the author effectively portrays King Solomon’s multi-faceted personality, giving us an intuitive and imaginative understanding of the different layers of his emotions and human nature. For all his great God-given, the tragedy of King Solomon life was that he could not conquer his passions.

In this deeply engrossing novel of biblical facts embellished with fiction, the author portrays the varied sights and sounds of King Solomon’s world through his own eyes.

Jill Eileen Smith is a master craftsman, with her beautifully chiseled characters, full of incredible depth and amazing emotion. Her characters spring to life vividly and with rich, captivating historic detail, drawing us instantly into King Solomon’s world. Wise and wealthy beyond measure, only one thing eluded King Solomon – the quest for true love, which can only be found in God alone.

Miriam Jacob


“IF ONLY I COULD” – Stacy L. Sanchez

Publisher: Stacy L. Sanchez

Date of Publication: August 10, 2018)

ISBN-13: 978-1732632707

IF ONLY I COULD” by Stacy L. Sanchez is her agonizing heart’s cry in the painful, loss-filled aftermath of her husband’s sudden death. Griefstricken, Stacy has to learn how to live life on its altered scale, battling incredible loss, overwhelming sorrow, never-ending heartache and raw pain.
Intimate and painfully honest, “IF ONLY I COULD” is a poignant, personal journey through grief.
Stacy writes so movingly about finding hope in the midst of devastating loss. She speaks straight from the heart, and her life-giving words bring healing and hope to people.
This book takes us on a true spiritual journey of the heart. The author instinctively understands the hurt of the human heart, when confronted with agonizing pain, that refuses to go away. Stacy delves deeper into the things of God to find comfort and solace. Faced with utter loss, Stacy learns to rely upon Christ to heal her heart and give her His joy. This eye-opening book is a dramatic portrayal of the devastating journey through heartrending grief, a poignant love story and a source of immense comfort and inspiration to all those who have lost loved ones. As Stacy shares her life’s experiences, her openness touches our hearts as we identify with her feelings of loss. Stacy instinctively knows how to speak to the heart. She is a gifted writer who honestly shares God’s anointed wisdom through the loss, grief and pain of her own life. Both a blessing and an inspiration, Stacy L. Sanchez has a pure, honest, faithful and sincere heart that helps to heal aching hearts and fill them with God’s joy.

This book is an undying testament to the selfless love of Steve Sanchez, as Stacy knew him. It will serve to keep Steve’s evergreen memory alive. I thank God for the awesome way in which God brought Stacy triumphantly through the dark, distressing journey of grief into the brilliant sunshine of a joy-filled life, lived for God’s glory.

© Miriam Jacob


You’ll Be Fine, Beautiful. You’ve Got God – Stacy L. Sanchez

Publisher: Stacy L. Sanchez
Date of Publication: February 27, 2019
ISBN-13: 978-1732632721
Price: $16.80

The breath of heaven blows refreshingly through the anointed, inspiring words of Stacy L. Sanchez in her book, “You’ll Be Fine, Beautiful. You’ve Got God.” It is written in the divine unction of the Holy Spirit. The fire of God rests upon every page of this awesome book, breathing its life-giving words into the hearts of its readers.

Stacy L. Sanchez is an inspired pen in the hands of her Creator, a royal and dignified daughter of God. Stacy lives to reflect Christ’s glory, like a multi-faceted diamond reflects sparkling rays of light.

When faced with grief, Stacy bowed quietly before the Lord and laid her life as a humble offering at His feet. God touched her heart His purity and she sparked into life as a vivid flame to write for His glory.

Stacy’s books were born out of her own heart’s travail as she struggled to come to terms with unbearable grief after the death of her precious husband. She pours into her books the spiritual experiences of her faith walk with God. Stacy experienced God in amazing ways right in the midst of raw grief.

This book is her amazing testimony to the glorious power of God in her life. It will bless the hearts of all who read it. Every word in the book is so inspiring that it arrested my attention in a way that no other book ever did. I highly recommend it to readers worldwide.

© Miriam Jacob

DO THE NEXT RIGHT THING – by Emily P. Freeman

“Do The Next Right Thing” by Emily P. Freeman is all about the perpetual quest for the right ideal, the unending search for guidance in each questionable decision, and the prayer for strength to do the right thing. This concept is often seen in the Bible. After Jesus performed a miracle, He usually gave a simple instruction for the person to do.

This eye-opening book is all about making the right decisions in life, where choices are ours to make. It teaches us to make the right choices and decisions from God’s perspective, as we become more fully ourselves, when we abide in God’s presence. It helps us to be open, alert and responsive to listen to God’s voice, as He gently guides us about what to do next, and only ‘next,’ the next right thing.

At every turn, we eagerly hear from God. Each important decision we make has a long-lasting consequence. The outcomes of our choices and decisions shape our lives and eventually shape our characters, molding us into the image God intends us to be. Our correct, well-made choices and decisions shape us. Unmade or improper decisions can paralyze us in fear or open our hearts to love.

Emily P. Freeman guides us to learn how to create space in our souls to hear God’s voice, to do the next right thing, and make the correct choices and decisions in our lives. God is always with us in our indecisive moments, as we struggle to know what to do next, when life’s overwhelming burdens become too much for us to bear. As God gently eases our tired hearts with His loving presence and fills us with His divine peace, He helps us to untangle all the tangled knots in our lives.

Miriam Jacob


THE INN AT HIDDEN RUN – Olivia Newport

Shiloh Run Press, Barbour Publishing, Inc. ISBN: 9781683229940. Price: $12.99

“The Inn at Hidden Run” by Olivia Newport is a well-written, time-split story that arrests our attention, when a genealogist daughter and her lawyer-cum-mediator father sort out the baffling problems between Meri, the main character and her family. The story is split into two time frames, with a strong Christian theme, providing ample food for thought. It is a moving story about family relationships, reconciliation, depicting how the same family members are influenced by different family traits. An interesting, inspiring and immersive read, this book deftly portrays how to pursue one’s own dreams, in a love letter to the past, a romantic mystery in which Olivia Newport uses the “time slip genre” to root her story in the interesting art of genealogy, reaching back to past generations. The first book in the Tree of Life Series, “The Inn at Hidden Run” celebrates unforgettable family stories and interesting family histories that inspire readers to connect in unique faith journeys. Olivia Newport expertly examines the innate human desire for a sense of roots and belonging, creating a unique patchwork quilt of family histories, intricately woven into the daily fabric of human lives.

Miriam Jacob


Harps of Gold, Patrick Larley & Reading Phoenix Choir

patrick larley
“PATRICK LARLEY, composer, conductor, harpsichordist and organist. Fellow of the Royal College of Organists, UK. Patrick’s music is highly imaginative and inventive in its rich harmonic texture, strong melody and dissonance. With an illustrious history steeped in sacred music, Patrick innovatively blends different strands of influence together, firmly grounded in harmony, counterpoint and form, into the most beautiful musical creations, compositions and structures, with great inner depth and remarkable perception. Patrick has a fresh tonal musical style, with a rich, highly creative blend of soft dissonances, soaring melodies and lilting syncopation. His choral works are performed widely in the UK and USA.”

British composer & Fellow of the Royal College of Organists, UK, Patrick Larley has composed a new choral piece for the Reading Phoenix Choir to celebrate its 50th Anniversary.


Patrick Larley has set Miriam Jacob’s poem “Harps of Gold” to music, one of the 193 entries from 28 countries to the Walter Hussey Composition Competition,


which promises to be one of the leading choral composition competitions of our time. “The theme of the inaugural competition is ‘Gold’ to coincide with the choir’s upcoming 50th season. Reading Phoenix Choir will perform the world premiere of the winning entry at their 50th year Annual Concert on 9th March 2019 at Reading Concert Hall. The competition is named in honour of Walter Hussey, Dean of Chichester Cathedral from 1955 to 1977, who commissioned many choral works throughout his lifetime. It was at Chichester that choir member Howard Jenner, and his brother and competition judge Anthony Jenner, were choristers under the guidance of Hussey. Inspired by the commitment of Walter Hussey to support the work of composers, musicians and artists, financially as well as intellectually, the idea for a composition competition evolved.”



The sound of music
Fills the air,
As gentle winds
Strum softly
On the strings
Of harps of gold.
Words golden in tone
Can be heard
Sounding clear
As the music swells
And crashes around,
Sweeping on and on,
In a wealth of song,
Reverberating awesomely
Through the hall
In a crescendo of happiness.
It is eternal sunshine
In the soul.
Come, buoyant heart,
Let us storm
The gates of heaven.

Words: Miriam Jacob

Music: Patrick Larley

Patrick Larley likes the poem’s imagery, and the sense of crescendo throughout, starting with the ‘gentle strumming on the strings by the wind’ rising to the mighty climax at the ‘storming of the gates of Heaven’

Courtesy: Reading Phoenix Choir; Patrick Larley


JOYFUL SURRENDER – Elisabeth Elliot


Joyful Surrender
7 Disciplines for the Believer’s Life

by Elisabeth Elliot

Revell, Baker Publishing Group. Pub. Date: Pub Date 02 Apr 2019
ISBN: 9780800729479
Price: $14.99

Self-discipline is one of the most important virtues of a Christian. In Joyful Surrender, Elisabeth Elliot explains the concept of discipline and its immense value for Christians. She teaches us how to
discipline the mind, overcome anxiety, change attitudes, trust God in trials and allow Christ to have complete control of our lives.

Scripture verses, illuminating personal stories, and Elisabeth Elliot’s vivid observations of the world helps us to understand that our personal fulfillment depends solely on our obedience to God’s commands for a successful Christian life. God gave us intellectual powers, the gift of reason, a free will and invested us with the option to choose.

Everything in creation is connected and solely dependent on God, the Creator, the great Mastermind of the Universe, God Omnipotent, the One who flung the stars into space, created light by His express command, spoke the Word to create matter, time and space. All creation is solely at His disposal.

Elisabeth Elliot calls the Bible “a book about God and people” – God calling people who respond to Him obediently. God commands implicit obedience from people. Discipline is responding to God’s call in obedience. We must acknowledge our helplessness and obey God instantly. Unwillingness to obey violates our humanity and asserts our independence. It dishonors and displeases God. Discipline says ‘yes’ to God’s call. When we say ‘yes’ to God, we put ourselves wholeheartedly at His disposal to do whatever He says.

This book teaches us the awesome power of joyful surrender to God. It empowers us to live victoriously in the world. I strongly recommend it to readers worldwide.

Miriam Jacob


Morning by Morning – Charles Spurgeon


Morning by Morning
The Bestselling Classic Daily Devotional
by Charles Spurgeon

Barbour Books, Barbour Publishing, Inc. Pub Date: 01 Nov 2017
ISBN: 9781683223269
Price: $15.99

“Morning by Morning” is Charles Spurgeon’s bestselling classic daily devotional, from the heart of one of history’s most beloved preachers. Charles Haddon Spurgeon is known as the prince of preachers. This inspiring devotional has encouraged, motivated, challenged, and brought thought-provoking insight to the whole world for well over 150 years. It teaches us to travail in prayer constantly, trusting God to bring us through trials victoriously. We see a wrestling Jacob, a Daniel who prayed three times a day in the privacy of his home, and a David who called upon his God with all his heart. We see Elijah on the mountaintop, and Paul and Silas praising God in the prison. We have myriads of God’s commands and priceless promises to teach us of the sacred importance and utmost necessity of prayer. A prayerless person is utterly powerless. Prayer is the triumphant shout of the courageous believer and the last thought of the dying saint. It is the comfort, strength and honor of a Christian. A child of God seek the Father’s face, and lives in His love, to be a blessing to others, growing in grace, favor and in the knowledge of God. May this awe-inspiring devotional teach us to behold the beauty of the Lord all the days of our lives.

Miriam Jacob





Revell, Baker Publishing Group, Pub Date: 19 Feb 2019.

ISBN: 9780800728670. Price: $14.99

What do you do when “Life Doesn’t Match Your Dreams?” Have you ever wished that your life could be different in every way? Jill Eileen Smith tells us the answer, giving us “Hope for Today from 12 Women of the Bible.” Jill assures us that God can be trusted and we can always hope in Him. God is our only hope in the twists and turns of life, when we are confronted with unwanted choices and difficulties.

Extensively researching women of the Bible, Jill Eileen Smith wields her pen with a flourish to teach us priceless lessons in trusting God from the lives of ancient women like Adam’s wife, Eve; Noah’s wife, Adah; Abraham’s wife, Sarah and her maid servant, Hagar; Lot’s wife, Melah; Isaac’s wife, Rebekah; Jacob’s wife, Rachel; and many others.

We learn what all these women did, right or wrong, when faced with deferred dreams and shattered expectations. We will confidently believe that our faithful God loves us and shapes us, through our trials and difficulties, into the people He intends us to be.

This book bridges the wide gulf between the ancient women of the Bible and the modern women of today. Jill Eileen Smith makes her characters spring to life, addressing the myriad problems that women of all time struggle with. This book inspires us to look to Christ and the Bible for a transformed life.

Jill Eileen Smith vividly details the life stories of women of the Bible, portraying each one from what might have been her own unique perspective. Just like us, all were imperfect women, with flaws of their own, facing unexpected situations in challenging circumstances. Yet, God loved them with a love beyond compare. Jill expertly connects these women of the Bible to women of modern times. Jill inspires us to reflect upon our own unique lives’ experiences and times of trials, gently reminding us that God is always with us, even on our darkest days and in our most difficult times.

Miriam Jacob



Publisher: Cedar Lake Press (February 25, 2019)
Publication Date: February 25, 2019.
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC.

“Tomorrow’s First Light” by Naomi Rawlings is the first book in the Texas Promise Series. It is a heartwarming tale, brimming with hope and bright new beginnings. A mail-order bride, Ellie Spritzer marries Sam Owens, just to keep her eight siblings out of an orphanage. Ellie’s lifelong quest for love takes her, with all her siblings in tow, to Twin Rivers, Texas, where Sam Owen resides. An orphan, Sam never had a home or family to love. When Ellie and all her siblings appear on his doorstep, in dire need of his heart and home, Sam just cannot turn them away. Yet, as a new start-up rancher, he does not have the resources to care for such a large family. When evil threatens all that Sam and Ellie hold dearest to their hearts, they struggle to keep their precious, fledgling family together under one roof. When Ellie comes to terms with her questioning faith, and learns to trust God no matter what happens, the Almighty Father intervenes to vanquish evil and save all that Sam and Ellie cherish most. “Tomorrow’s First Light” highlights the great importance of having deep, interpersonal relationships that we can rely on in times of trials. Naomi Rawlings makes her characters speak from the heart and her books appeal to the hearts of readers worldwide. I highly recommend the Texas Promise Series. Excellent reading!

Miriam Jacob





Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 7, 2015)
ISBN-13: 978-1517254049

“Love’s Every Whisper” by Naomi Rawlings is a Christian historical romance. It is the second book in the Eagle Harbor series. An ancient feud rages from childhood as the novel revolves around high-drama sea rescues. Amidst the warm feeling of a shared community, Victoria Donnelly finds a way to redeem herself in the eyes of her family but she has to return to Eagle Harbor, where forgotten romantic feelings can resurface alarmingly. Elijah Cummings, a fisherman’s son, has loved Victoria, a shipping baron’s daughter, for fifteen years. But everyone knows that the great difference in the complex pecking order of the social hierarchy prevents Elijah and Victoria from ever getting married. Meanwhile Elijah establishes a life-saving station, risking his own life to rescue sailors from horrifying shipwrecks in gale-force winds whipping off the roaring lake in the blinding, swirling snow. The foaming, ferocious, froth-ripped waves crashed into the beach with a vehemence that terrified even the most sea-worthy sailors.

Victoria is about to make an irreversible decision. Elijah can save save drowning sailors but can he save Victoria without destroying their love? The scenic town of Eagle Harbor, Michigan is the beautiful setting for this truly memorable story of love, courage, and high drama on the seas. I highly recommend this book and the entire Eagle Harbor series to all who wish to read clean, pure novels. Happy reading!



B&H Publishing Group.

ISBN: 9781535914154

Price: $19.99

“Suffering Is Never For Nothing” by Elisabeth Elliot teaches us that suffering always has a loving purpose. When trials and troubles come our way, we know the One who knows why. Suffering is a mystery that we cannot plumb. Through the deepest sufferings come the deepest lessons. We trust the One who knows to lead us through the dark into the light.

Suffering and love are inexplicably and inextricably linked. God’s love for us sent His Son, Jesus to die for our sins on the cross to give us eternal life. Jesus carried our sins, griefs and sufferings on the cross. We don’t have to carry the heavy burdens ourselves. Some burdens are so heavy that we will sink under its weight. That’s why Jesus carried our burdens for us. Christ died for our sins and won victory for us. We can bear suffering because we trust God to bring amazing good out of it. “Suffering Is Never For Nothing.”

Miriam Jacob


DREAMING IN CODE: Ada Byron Lovelace, Computer Pioneer – Emily Arnold McCully


Candlewick Press, Pub Date 12 Mar 2019
ISBN: 9780763693565
Price: $19.99

“Dreaming in Code: Ada Byron Lovelace, Computer Pioneer” by Emily Arnold McCully is an inspiring, illuminating and illustrative biography of Ada Byron Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer.

Ada was the only child of England’s Romantic poet, Lord George Gordon Byron and Lady Anne Isabella Noel Byron. Ada had large dancing eyes, dark curly hair and a curious, eager and exploring nature. Vivacious and versatile, she was talented at drawing, passionate about music, proficient in languages, with a mind for logic and mechanics. Ada had a mercurial yet resilient temperament, a buoyant exuberance and enthusiasm, piqued with curiosity.

As a precocious child, Ada’s memory was unusually acute. An exceptional little girl, driven by deep urges and insistent voices, her sensibility was easily worked upon. Brimful of life, spirit and animation, Ada was a most happy and cheerful child, with a disposition to enjoyment, quick to learn, and when rebuked, she bounced right back like a rubber ball.

With a strong moral conscience and a well-developed sense of what was right and wrong, Ada could not rest at night without examining her conscience. She had a most unusual upbringing, tutored by the brightest minds. Ada developed a profound aptitude “for mental puzzles, mathematical conundrums and scientific discovery, that kept pace with the breathtaking advances of the industrial and social revolutions in Europe.” Ada gradually came into her own in thought and feeling, arguing very sensibly that virtue should be its own reward.

Aged seventeen, Ada met a kindred spirit in the mathematician and inventor, Charles Babbage. Their mutual collaborations produced concepts and ideas presaging computer programming by nearly two hundred years. Ada’s boundless energy and amazing boldness inspired Charles Babbage to develop his “Analytical Engine,” an early mechanical computer. Ada explained the invention to a world that was not ready to imagine computers processing information by themselves. Ada and Babbage realized that their innovative work would only be appreciated by future generations. 

Ada was born well in advance of her times. Passionately interested in mathematics and scientific inventions, Ada Byron Lovelace is now recognized as a pioneer prophet of the Information Age. The author paints a fascinating, tragic and triumphant portrait of Ada’s singular intellect and insatiable drive for knowledge, as she cleverly maneuvered through the social norms of her life and times.

“Dreaming in Code: Ada Byron Lovelace, Computer Pioneer” is attractively illustrated with portraits and drawings to make it appealing. Ada springs to life as the unusually unique person she really was. Brilliant, mercurial and ambitious, born in an era that considered women’s minds to be incapable of serious reflection, Ada had innumerable barriers to overcome and hurdles to cross. Fiercely independent, Ada possessed unique, singular qualities of genius that made her stand apart. Extremely perceptive and intuitive, Ada was a “discoverer of the hidden realities of nature, with immense reasoning faculties, driving her toward an uncharted destiny.”
Miriam Jacob



For the one whose song we won’t hear

For the one whose voice disappeared

For the melody held in your heart

And for all of your dreams torn apart

You are not forgotten

We are fighting for you

We’ve answered your silent cry to be your voice

Your life was not for nothing

We celebrate your heart beat

The price that you paid is a fire that’ll change this world

We can’t go on like it’s okay

Turn a blind eye and just look away

For the sake of all that’s pure and true

We will lay our lives down just for you

Jesus heal our land

You’re the answer, You’re the answer

We return our hearts to You

You’re the answer

They are not forgotten

We are fighting for them

We’ve answered their silent cry to be their voice

Their life was not for nothing

We celebrate their heart beat

The price that they paid is a fire that’ll change this world”

© Phil King

151 Solitary Days at Sea Sailing Non-Stop Around the Globe – Abhilash Tomy and Lynn de Souza

Spenta Multimedia

Pub Date: 1 Jan 2014

Between 01 Nov 2012 and 31 Mar 2013, Commander Abhilash Tomy, an officer from the Indian Navy, sailed around the world alone, non-stop in an Indian-built sailboat, the INSV Mhadei. “151 Solitary Days at Sea Sailing Non-Stop Around the Globe” by Abhilash Tomy and Lynn de Souza is an eye-catching collection of Commander Tomy’s own musings and pictures of the voyage, compiled by Lynn de Souza.

Commander Abhilash Tomy, an Indian naval officer, yachtsman and maritime reconnaissance pilot, became the first Indian to complete a solo non-stop, unassisted circumnavigation of the world under sail in 2013. On 1 November 2012, Commander Tomy and the Mhadei started the voyage from Mumbai, India. After sailing a distance of 23,100 nautical miles, he arrived back in Mumbai on 7 April 2013. He became the first Indian, second Asian, and 79th person in the world to accomplish this exemplary feat.

In 2013, Commander Abhilash Tomy was awarded the Kirti Chakra, an Indian military decoration awarded for valour, courageous action or self-sacrifice away from the field of battle. It is second in order of precedence of peacetime gallantry awards.

In 2019, Commander Abhilash Tomy was awarded the Nao Sena Medal, a gallantry award for servicemen in the Indian Navy.



CHARACTER CARVED IN STONE – Pat Williams, Jim Denney

Baker Publishing Group, Pub Date: 05 Feb 2019. ISBN: 9780800728830. Price: $17.99

“Character Carved In Stone” by Pat Williams and Jim Denney is a remarkable book, right on target. On the beautiful campus of the United States Military Academy at West Point, twelve granite benches face the Hudson River, each inscribed with a key leadership virtue: compassion, courage, dedication, determination, dignity, discipline, integrity, loyalty, perseverance, responsibility, service, and trust. These key qualities crucial to victory and success in life remind cadets to cultivate them in their characters.

With enthusiastic wisdom and insight, Pat Williams tells of West Point graduates who imbibed these exemplary traits, from the Civil War to the War on Terror. He wisely explains to readers how to develop these twelve absolutely essential virtues in their own lives and careers.

There are different forms of courage. Physical courage, incredible bravery in danger, is being willing to risk life for others or for a noble cause. Moral courage stands alone to do the right. Emotional courage faces life bravely, enduring emotional pain with courage and fortitude. Intellectual courage seeks only the truth even if it conflicts with beliefs and costs a price to pay. It firmly believes that honesty is the best policy. Spiritual courage asks deep questions about God, life and death. It prepares to face everything bravely. It is “a training ground for leadership and a proving ground for courage.” To be a leader requires exemplary courage, fortitude and strength of mind. A true leader confidently stands alone, courageously makes difficult decisions and compassionately heeds the needs of others less fortunate.

This unique book portrays life lessons and principles well worthwhile to live by. We can learn to imbibe the leadership skills and character traits that are the basic foundation of the United States Military Academy. These time-tested values have produced the most outstanding leaders. This inspiring book is a great read, creating a memorable reading experience to lift your spirits sky-high.

Miriam Jacob


THE MOZART GIRL – Barbara Nickel

Second Story Press. Pub Date: March 18, 2019. ISBN: 9781772600896. Price: $10.95

“The Mozart Girl” by Barbara Nickel is the interesting biography of Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia Mozart, one of the finest pianists in Europe before her younger brother, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart overshadowed her. Born on 30 July 1751 in Salzburg, Austria, Maria Anna Mozart, called “Marianne or Nannerl,” was the first born child of Leopold and Anna Maria Mozart. She was the family’s first musical prodigy. Touring Europe as a pianist, Maria Anna took the world’s stage by storm in Munich, Vienna, Paris, London, the Hague, Germany and Switzerland. “My little girl plays the most difficult works … with incredible precision and so excellently,” her father, Leopold, proudly wrote in 1764. “My little girl, only 12 years old, is one of the most skillful players in Europe.Nannerl’s playing became so brilliant, her technique absolutely perfect. She was an extremely talented young virtuoso. Nannerl quickly learnt that music was a unique way to communicate without words. Her famous younger brother, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, wrote to her in 1770: “I am in awe that you can compose so well… the song you wrote is beautiful.” But her lovely composition has been lost to posterity. Her father, Leopold wrote that she played with “perfect insight into harmony and modulations” and that she improvises “so successfully that you would be astounded.” In “The Mozart Girl,” Barbara Nickel portrays Maria Anna Mozart brilliantly, including the feelings common to all young girls that she might have faced as she struggled to compose the most astounding music in the male-dominated world of her life and times.

Miriam Jacob



“Cry for a Christ like Mind” by Dr. K. Joy David issues a strikingly clear clarion call to all Christian believers to behold the beauty of the Lord and follow in His footsteps with zestful zeal. Every true believer aspires to become like Christ, to have a Christ-like mind, and to be conformed to the image of God’s only Son. As we yearn to be like Christ, the author gently guides us to imbibe the beauty of Christ’s mind, to transform us into Christ’s image, and to reflect Christ’s beauty in us, guided by the Holy Spirit.

This devotional book is born out of the author’s deepest heart’s cry to understand Christ’s mind and to be conformed to Him. It inspires and motivates us to discover an exuberant, exhilarating, life-transforming relationship with Christ. It satisfies the deepest yearnings of our hearts to understand the mind of Christ.

Rooted firmly in the rich, verdant soil of God’s Word, “Cry for a Christ-like Mind” inspires believers to know Christ as life and love. It is an insightful, doctrinally-sound devotional on Christian discipleship. It touches the hearts of all who read it.

Miriam Jacob


Never Too Old for God’s Service

God sent Moses & Aaron, both in their eighties, to face the indomitable Pharoah. Age is never a barrier to be used by God to achieve great victories for Him. We are eternally young in God’s service. He can use us to help others in ways we cannot imagine. Listen to God’s voice from the burning bush. He might use you to achieve extraordinary exploits for Him. To hear clearly from God, we must live a life of purity, on holy ground. Our thoughts must be aligned with God’s Word. “The pure in heart shall see God” – (Matthew 5:8)

Miriam Jacob


Moses was a basket case
As Pharoah sealed his doom;
But God had other plans
And took away his gloom.
Pharoah’s daughter lifted him
And placed him with his mother;
He grew up in pomp and circumstance
And was treated as no other.

Rising above his breeding
As the son of Pharoah’s daughter,
He identified with his people—
An Egyptian he did slaughter.
Banished to the desert
In order his life to keep;
Coming to the end of self
Meant tending mangy sheep!

When he had learned his lesson
And confidence in self was shattered,
He looked around the desert;
And God was all that mattered.
A bush burning but not consumed
Drew his undivided attention;
God spoke from the burning bush
And His own name did mention.

God heard His people’s cry
And sent Moses to their aid;
With self-confidence now at naught
The prospect made him afraid.
“Who shall I say has sent me?”
Was a logical question to ask;
Commissioned by the great I AM,
He was sufficient for the task.

But Pharoah’s heart He hardened
Not letting the people go;
Since all the plagues did not avail,
Losing his first-born he would know.
The Children of Israel were protected
And of their first-born knew no loss;
Since the blood upon the doors
Was a precursor of the Cross.

When all human hope was gone,
The Red Sea opened wide;
Their enemy obscured in darkness,
They crossed dry land to the other side.
The waters returning to their place,
Their safety was now assured;
And Moses’ place in Bible history
Was by God’s hand secured.

Charles R. Solomon
May 15, 2006


“Moses led the flock of sheep to the west of the wilderness and came to Horeb or Sinai, the mountain of God. The Angel of the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush. He looked and saw the bush burned with fire, yet was not consumed. Moses said: ‘I will now turn aside and see this great sight, why the bush is not burned.’ God called to him out of the bush and said, “Do not come near; remove your shoes, for the place on which you stand is holy ground.”


Daily Wisdom for Women 2018 Devotional Collection – Barbour Staff


Daily Wisdom for Women 2018 Devotional Collection
Compiled by Barbour Staff

Barbour Books, Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Pub Date: 01 Oct 2017.
ISBN: 9781683222118
PRICE: $15.99

“Daily Wisdom for Women 2018 Devotional Collection,” compiled by Barbour Staff is a beautiful and inspirational daily devotion book for women. All women of God will be blessed by Him everyday through this awesome devotional book. We can experience a most intimate connection to God, our heavenly Father with this inspiring collection of devotionals. It provides inspiration and encouragement for our souls, giving us comfort and spiritual blessings all 365 days of 2018. This is a delightful, easy-to-read devotional book providing uplifting thoughts to enrich our days all through the year. I highly recommend this beautiful, soul-refreshing book to all women who love God and want to be blessed by Him.




Shiloh Run Press, Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Pub Date 01 Oct 2017.
ISBN: 9781683223351
PRICE: $14.99

Colors of Christmas by Olivia Newport celebrates the Hope of Christmas with two heartwarming, contemporary stories in which the characters find healing amidst heartbreak. This novel has the true Christmas spirit, full of imagination and pure simplicity. Olivia Newport is an excellent wordsmith as she skillfully intertwines two inspiring Christmas stories with a message of hope and faith. Both novellas feature women coping with big changes, and dealing with heartbreak over the Christmas season. “Christmas in Blue” is true to its name. After a deep personal loss, Angela, the church organist, cannot ignore the Christmas season as she is in charge of the town’s celebration. A strange young man, Gabe, is the suspect for the collapse of the Christmas traditions. Yet Angela’s heart warms to him because they share a unique secret. With only some garish blue Christmas decorations to work with, Gabe helps Angela discover the hidden beauty of hope and joy. In “Christmas in Gold,” after eighty years, Astrid is used to momentous change. At twenty, she and her family survived the Nazis and moved to America where she lost her husband. She became a widow again at forty. Facing a move into an assisted living community, she meets a young woman in despair and revives hope in the face of tragedy. Carly, Astrid’s physical therapist at the apartments, is a single mother who cannot cope with work and her child’s daycare. “And hope, once lost, was found again.” I highly recommend “Colors of Christmas” to all who love the true Christmas spirit. Christ is the reason for the season. Have a blessed Christmas with this inspiring read!

Miriam Jacob



9780801075148 (1)

Mrs. Oswald Chambers
The Woman behind the World’s Bestselling Devotional
by Michelle Ule

Baker Books, Pub Date: 17 Oct 2017
ISBN: 9780801075148
Price: $15.99

“Mrs. Oswald Chambers” is the woman behind the world’s bestselling devotional book, “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers. This very well-written and impeccably researched biography of his wife was published to commemorate the 100th death anniversary of Oswald Chambers in October 1917. It is one of the highest ranking Christian devotional books ever, with over thirteen million copies sold.

Oswald Chamber’s most famous work was compiled, edited and published ten years after his death by his wife, Biddy. Her true life story of living her utmost for God’s highest is unparalleled in the history of the Christian world. Michelle Ule skillfully brings Biddy’s story to life , from Victorian England to a World War I YMCA camp in Egypt.

Biddy returned to post-war Britain as a destitute widow with a toddler in tow. A woman of the highest principles, Biddy refused personal payment from publishers for the thirty books she published in her husband’s name. She lived on for forty-nine years after her husband’s death.

This is the deeply engaging life-and-love story of an awesome, remarkably courageous and devoted woman, well ahead of her time, dearly loved and deeply admired by all who brave incredible odds to carve a beautiful life out of almost nothing, in the service of God’s kingdom.

“My Utmost for His Highest” owes everything to the editorial skills and passionate dedication of Biddy Chambers. Her selfless willingness to use her talents for God’s glory and her steadfast faithfulness amidst heart-breaking sorrow and unending grief makes her contribution to the world even more unique.

Oswald Chambers was a British Chaplain in World War I, stationed in Egypt. After his early death at the age of forty-three, Biddy felt God’s call to transcribe her entire collection of shorthand notes of his sermons into books, articles and pamphlets, in Oswald Chamber’s name. What Oswald could not do in his lifetime, Biddy did for him, devoting her entire life to the cause for which he lived, labored and died for.

An amazing couple, Oswald and Biddy Chambers exemplified a deeply committed and dedicated life lived for Christ, which had such a profoundly powerful impact upon people. Over a hundred years after Oswald Chambers died, the best way to get to know one of the greatest names in the spread of the gospel during the late nineteenth century and at the turn of the twentieth century is through this awesome biography of “Mrs. Oswald Chambers” by Michelle Ule.

Miriam Jacob


CHRISTMAS – Voice of Love

“Christmas is usually a noisy party: we could use a bit of silence, to hear the voice of Love.”
Christmas is you, when you decide to be born again each day and let God into your soul. The Christmas pine is you, when you resist vigorous winds and difficulties of life. The Christmas decorations are you, when your virtues are colors that adorn your life. The Christmas bell is you, when you call, gather and seek to unite. You are also a Christmas light, when you illuminate with your life the path of others with kindness, patience, joy and generosity. The Christmas angels are you, when you sing to the world a message of peace, justice and love. The Christmas star is you, when you lead someone to meet the Lord. You are also the wise men, when you give the best you have no matter who. Christmas music is you when you conquer the harmony within you. The Christmas gift is you, when you are truly friend and brother of every human being. The Christmas card is you, when kindness is written in your hands. The Christmas greeting is you, when you forgive and reestablish peace, even when you suffer. The Christmas dinner is you, when you sated bread and hope to the poor man who is by your side. You are, yes, Christmas night, when humble and conscious, you receive in the silence of the night the Savior of the world without noise or great celebrations; you are a smile of trust and tenderness, in the inner peace of a perennial Christmas that establishes the Kingdom within you. A very Merry Christmas for all those who look like Christmas.

Pope Francis


MADE FOR THE JOURNEY – Elisabeth Elliot


Made for the Journey
One Missionary’s First Year in the Jungles of Ecuador
by Elisabeth Elliot

ISBN: 9780800729462
Price: $13.99


Made for the Journey" by Elisabeth Elliot is the true life story of her first year as a missionary in the jungles of Ecuador. She describes her first lessons in the sovereignty of God, with the echo of His crystal-clear Word resounding in her ears - "Trust Me. The answer to 'why' is Mine." As Elisabeth says, ashes are not the end of God's story.  From the ashes always springs a brand new life and a fresh new beginning. Faced with numerous physical and often baffling spiritual trials, Elisabeth vividly captures the  puzzles, mysteries and striking realities in the starkly primitive world in which she lived and ministered day after day. She recounts her early days in a series of poignant, deeply personal reflections on the important questions of life. Elisabeth spent countless hours meditating on why she was there. Although she knew that it was important to have a clear-cut purpose and pursue it diligently, and she was absolutely certain about God's call upon her life, she still felt rather restless and strangely uncertain at times. Faced with the severe trials and tribulations of life in the Ecuadorian jungle, Elisabeth learnt that the familiar became like dreams, and the former dreams became familiar. Later, she realized that this was an integral part of the process of letting go of her previous life to embark wholeheartedly on a brand new God-inspired mission. Elisabeth prayed for divine wisdom, the power to understand and the grace to grow. She learnt that 
missionary work needs a very strong, resilient faith. That she persevered courageously is a remarkable testimony to her Christian dedication, commitment and unswerving obedience to God.

Miriam Jacob


MARTIN LUTHER – Eric Metaxas


Martin Luther
The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World
by Eric Metaxas

Viking, Penguin Group, Pub Date: 03 Oct 2017
ISBN: 9781101980019
Price: $30.00

“Martin Luther” by Eric Metaxas is a brilliant, inspiring biography of the most influential man in modern Christian history, Martin Luther, Leader of the Protestant Reformation, 501 years ago. In 1517, Martin Luther nailed the Ninety-five Theses on the Church door at Wittenberg that ignited a conflagration to tear the Christian world apart. Eric Metaxas, a scrupulous chronicler and acclaimed biographer, paints a striking portrait of the monk “whose adamantine faith cracked the edifice of Western Christendom.” Impeccably researched and penned in riveting prose, Eric Metaxas tells the startling tale of a renegade monk who courageously presented ugly truths to the highest seats of power, causing the explosion that still echoes through five centuries to this day. “Luther’s monumental faith and courage gave birth to the ideals of liberty, equality, and individualism that today lie at the heart of all modern life.” As Eric Metaxas clearly states, Martin Luther saw everything in this world as beautiful and holy, where God sanctified and approved all man did. This world is redeemed through Christ. Everything in it is encompassed into the sanctified world of the spiritual, to be imbued with the divine presence of God and made beautifully new again. God created a good world and suffused it with His presence. But in Eden, sin snatched man away from the perfect union with God. This searing split between the material and spiritual worlds is the gaping wound at the heart of the world which only Christ can heal. Let us invite Him into our hearts, to complete the healing that He came to do, by dying on the cross of Calvary for our sins, to redeem us for God’s glory. This is the new world in which everyone partakes of God’s goodness, in which every person is a “priest,” living fully loved and approved of by God. In his own life, Luther lived what he preached and taught. A fast-paced biography of Martin Luther, this book will be enjoyed by general readers who wish to know about the incredible, mind-boggling events of the Protestant Reformation and the man who inspired it.

Miriam Jacob


TRUE YOU – Michelle Derusha

“True You” by Michelle Derusha helps you to “let go of your false self to uncover the Person God created.” God is after truth from the inside out. “Enter me, Lord, to conceive a new, true life” – (Psalm 51:6). We need to discard our false identities like a tree discards its dead leaves and like how the gardener prunes away unwanted branches to capture the enchanting beauty and gracefulness of the tree.

Pruning in gardening and in real life is a skill that requires discipline and insight. Pruning, the art of cutting back to open up, is absolutely essential for our souls to uncover who we really are at the core of our God-created selves and personalities. Pruning uncovers us to our bare essentials to reveal our truest, most authentic selves.

God wants us to live as the beautiful, unique people He created us to be. He does not want us to hide behind false identities. God wants us to know Him and be aware of His deep, abiding love for us. He wishes us to root our whole selves in Him. God longs for us to live in the freedom of Christ and to know our true, unique selves in intimacy with Him. Let us allow God to prune us from the inside out. He is the Master Gardener of our souls. May we relinquish and surrender our hearts and minds to God to allow Him to do His healing in us.

I highly recommend this book to start God’s divine pruning in you, to uncover and reveal the “True You” as God created you to be. As this book was born out of Michelle’s own experience, it is time-tested and true to life. I have experienced the pruning process in my own life and I bear faithful testimony to this. May God help you to discover the “True You” in yourself. 

Miriam Jacob


ODD(LY) ENOUGH – Carolanne Miljavac

cover146060-medium JPEG

Odd(ly) Enough
Standing Out When the World Begs You To Fit In
by Carolanne Miljavac

Shiloh Run Press, Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Pub Date: 01 Nov 2018,
ISBN: 9781683227892
Price: $14.99

“Odd(ly) Enough – Standing Out When the World Begs You To Fit In,” by Carolanne Miljavac affirms what the world needs to hear. It’s time to embrace the real “you” God made you to be, as you passionately pursue your God-given purpose. You will find yourself walking with courage and confidence about God’s divine purpose for your life. Following the principles outlined in this book, Carolanne Miljavac, a person with all the odds stacked against her, emerged a much stronger person, honest, authentic and relatable, using her unique style of comedy and sincerity to deliver hope and healing. Carolanne believes that the past is what shapes us into the vessels God uses for His divine purposes. She has written a raw, painfully honest and humorous book about her past, detailing her life’s struggles and how she overcame it with God’s help. We won’t know how strong we are if our strength is never tested. As Carol tells her story, we feel a wide gamut of emotions from ranging from joy to grief. This book offers encouragement and hope, motivating readers to live a more transparent life for Jesus. Carolanne, a Christian shares the hope she finds in Christ. Because of who Jesus is and what He suffered for us, we find our worth in Him. We are encouraged to turn to God with our own struggles and heartaches. He has a plan for all of us and we just need to wait on Him to fulfil it. He can make everything work out for His glory. We don’t have to hide who we really are when we are exactly who God created us to be. This book is for all who love God and want a closer relationship with Him. I highly recommend this book for God’s glory.

Miriam Jacob


THIRSTY FOR MORE – Allison Allen

cover146419-medium JPEG

Thirsty for More
Discovering God’s Unexpected Blessings in a Desert Season
by Allison Allen

Revell, Pub Date: 04 Sep 2018
ISBN 9780800728205
PRICE $14.99

“Thirsty for More” by Allison Allen helps us to discover God’s unexpected blessings in the dry, desert season of the soul. A period of “dry seasons” makes us feel alienated from God our heavenly Father, our Creator and Blessed Redeemer. Lush, verdant valleys beckon us, not dry, trackless deserts. During the first three centuries of the Christian Church, people seeking God deliberately moved into deserts to pray and meditate on the greatness of God. They understood that the desert is not a wilderness but a place where we can truly taste God’s intimacy. Allison Allen offers a fresh perspective for all who believe that God is present in their dry seasons. In the difficult periods of trials and struggles, God reveals Himself to us, to experience His abundant blessings in an intimate way. “Thirsty for More” is a very inspiring, refreshing and rejuvenating message of hope. I highly recommend it to all people who thirst for God and seek to experience His presence in their lives.

Miriam Jacob



cover147184-medium - JPEG

The Portable Seminary
A Master’s Level Overview in One Volume
by David Horton

Bethany House Publishers, Pub Date: 21 Aug 2018
ISBN: 9780764219658. Price: $39.99

“The Portable Seminary” by David Horton is a Master’s level general overview, all compiled into a single volume, specially designed to advance your Theological Education. You can enhance your Biblical and Theological knowledge in this unique portable seminary. In this extensive book you will be taught all the major topics in a Seminary Master’s program, by highly respected professors, authors, and ministry leaders. This introduction to a Biblical Studies degree is perfectly ideal for the average layperson or anyone involved in vocational ministry. Subjects include topics like Systematic Theology, surveys of the Old and New Testaments, Apologetics, World Religions, Church History and Homiletics. I highly recommend this “Portable Seminary” right at your fingertips, for the best Theological education you can ever get, at your own convenience.

Miriam Jacob





The Quotable Tozer
A Topical Compilation of the Wisdom and Insight of A.W. Tozer
by A.W. Tozer

Bethany House Publishers, Pub Date: 21 Aug 2018
ISBN: 9780764230974. Price: $17.99

“The Quotable Tozer” by A. W. Tozer is a topical compilation of the insightful wisdom of a renowned Christian author. A.W. Tozer’s inspiring message resonates loudly with Christians today. This is an ideal resource work of the prolific author’s profound thoughts and ideas, organized around various topics like the nature of Almighty God, spiritual warfare, the Bible and heaven. This volume gives us a full and complete access to the true scope of Tozer’s work and thought. It opens our eyes in awe and wonder to the great depth and God-given insight of one of the most beloved Christian pastors in contemporary history. I highly recommend this book to all readers, students and researchers of A. W. Tozer’s prolific works.

Miriam Jacob




Publisher: Revell (September 4, 2018)

ISBN: 9780800722715
PRICE: $16.99

“A Christmas by the Sea” by Melody Carlson is set in the quiet town of Seaside, Maine. Having just lost her husband to cancer, Wendy Harper and her son, Jackson, drive along the coast to the beach house she inherited from her grandfather. While she wants to sell the house, Jackson wants them to stay there permanently. Constantly torn between buoyant hope and nerve-wracking doubt, Wendy is unsure if selling the beach house is the solution to her myriad problems. Caleb Colton makes Wendy see the plethora of possibilities if they stayed in Seaside. Jackson encourages his mother to trust God for their needs and stay in Seaside. Melody Carlson explores the beauty of second chances through life in a small beach house with a budding romance and a renewed faith in God. The characters are perfectly ordinary, likeable and relatable people, set in a blooming love story, woven through subtle family history and seaside escapades. Quick, uplifting, warmhearted and lighthearted at the same time, I highly recommend “A Christmas by the Sea.” This clean, Christian romance is very well-written, with descriptive writing, beautiful imagery and excellent character delineation. The story is full of hope and joy in the true spirit of Christmas.

Miriam Jacob




Broadstreet Publishing Group LLC
ISBN 9781424557288
PRICE $15.99

"When God calls the Heart at Christmas" by Brian Bird and Michelle Cox is a delightful and inspiring compilation of tasty recipes and biblical truth, interspersed with heartwarming stories to move us to tears. The devotions, Bible verses and meaningful questions help us to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. It draws us into the love-filled, healing heart of Christmas. This inspiring book is a shining celebration of the Christ at the heart of Christmas.


Miriam Jacob


40 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS – Joseph Castleberry


Broadstreet Publishing Group LLC,

ISBN: 9781424557578, Price: $14.99

Let us celebrate the true spirit of Christmas with “40 Days of Christmas” by Joseph Castleberry. The pressures of the Christmas season often bear down upon us incessantly, with the urgent need to find perfect Christmas cards, perfect Christmas gifts, host perfect Christmas parties or create the perfect Christmas ambience in the home. It is so overwhelming and easily distracts us from the real significance of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. With Bible verses, inspiring daily devotions and enriching, uplifting prayers, this book is specially designed “to prepare your heart during Advent, rejoice in His birth at Christmas, and reveal the light of Christ on Epiphany.” May the true wealth of richness of God’s divine presence fill your lives as you celebrate the glory of the Savior’s supernatural birth. The true spirit of Christmas flows from God’s Holy Spirit and will fill your hearts with His love, joy and peace.

Miriam Jacob



“Every cloud has a silver lining. Don’t only see the cloud but see the beauty in the silver lining. And that’s the way we have to look at life too, because even though our lives might be cloudy, we must realize that the sun is always shining behind the clouds. Learn to recognize the silver linings in our life. Let’s thank God for being able to see the silver linings in our lives.”

©  S. T. Mathew



Day by day, I think about Jesus,
about what He has done for me,
how he came to earth, to bare my sins on Calvary’s tree.

Day by day, I think about Jesus,
who in heaven, our home prepares,
because of His love and grace, many people will live up there.

Day by day, I think about Jesus,
victory over Satan did win,
and because of that victory, we can be saved from sin.

Day by day, I think about Jesus,
how He is the Lord of Lords, and King of Kings,
…and as His children,
His praises we should forever sing.

Day by day, I think about Jesus,
how He came to set me free,
Oh! how much I love Him, because He first loved me.

Day by day, I think about Jesus,
and all He has done for me,
…and, I want to serve Him faithfully.

Day by day, I think about Jesus,
Oh! what He means to me,
He is my hope, joy and liberty.

Day by day, I think about Jesus,
Oh! what he can do for you,
Jesus wants to save your soul,

…then day by day, you can think, about Jesus too!

© Pamela Davis

John 14:6
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

John 12:46
I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.

John 8:32
Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

♥ I pray this blesses someone for His glory. His good purpose, His will be done. God Bless us everyone. Thank You Jesus. ♥

* Everybody has God’s frequency within ~ Tune in *

~T~H~I~N~K~~~J~E~S~U~S~~ ~~T~H~I~N~K~~~E~T~E~R~N~I~T~Y~

Ecclesiastes 3:11
He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

Romans 1:20-21
For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.
For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened.


I HEAR CHRISTMAS – Tattie Maggard

“I Hear Christmas’ by Tattie Maggard is the first book in the Swiss Amish Christmas Series. The two main characters, Joy and Lucado opt to help out to teach Christmas songs to children in the Christmas program at the old Amish schoolhouse. As Lucas and Joy sing perfectly well together, the Christmas program is all set to be the best one ever. It brings tears to the eyes of the school teacher, Emily. As their voices blended together in perfect harmony, it gave Joy the extraordinary feeling of being a part of something much greater.

Lucas had a learning disability in school that made him rather slow-witted at times. However, Joy found him incredibly interesting as he sang so beautifully in a rich, clear voice. Lucas put real feeling into the songs he sang with gusto. He had an extraordinary ear for music and taught Joy to sing Christmas songs to reflect the true meaning of Christmas, with Christ’s spirit reconciling us to God and connecting us with heaven.

As Joy sang, Lucas felt a soulful connection with her. He was frank, honest and straightforward, but so extremely vulnerable. Joy knew that he had social limitations and feelings of his own to be protected. At the same time, Lucas was full of surprises, with childlike innocence radiating from his calm and serene face.

Music transformed Lucas to life, making him forget his disabilities and limitations. Yet, when the music stopped, he became distant and withdrawn. Music played a big part in Lucas’ life. It made him come alive. To deny it was to deny his very existence.

Lucas had an uncanny ability to see the deeper meaning in things. He was over-sensitive and felt emotions deeply. Soon, Joy and Lucas realized that both their hearts beat as one, “in a soulful exchange of hearts.”

I really like the sensitive way in which Tattie Maggard portrays the developing relationship between Lucas and Joy. I highly recommend this delightfully clean romance to all who wish to ‘hear’ the true meaning of Christmas in their hearts.

Miriam Jacob

NATASHA QUEEN, Uncategorized

The Brides of Pecan Grove – Natasha Queen

  • Publication date: June 28, 2019
  • “The Brides of Pecan Grove” by Natasha Queen is a second chance sweet romance. It held my rapt attention from start to finish. As I read it, I was spellbound and captivated. The two main characters, Adam and Ava are so realistically portrayed and skillfully delineated that they actually spring to life with amazing wit and humor. You will be so utterly refreshed as you follow the lives of these two sensitive people, surrounded by trustworthy friends who truly love them. With painful, bittersweet memories, Ava’s unrequited love finally finds fruition in the beautiful pages of this awesome book. I highly recommend this lovely book by a truly gifted author, Natasha Queen.
  • Miriam Jacob

When You Need to Move a Mountain – Linda Evans Shepherd

Publisher: Revell, Baker Publishing Group. ISBN: 9781441221766. Price: $13.99.

“When You Need to Move a Mountain” by Linda Evans Shepherd holds the keys to praying with power. It explains the secrets of intercessory prayer, detailing prayer giftings to use prayer as a secret weapon to break down strongholds and achieve victorious breakthroughs for ourselves and others.

This inspiring book is like an instruction manual for prayer investigators who have mountains to move. Prayer moves the mountains that block God-planned destinies. Linda Evans Shepherd teaches us to be mountain movers, with a move-the-mountain prayer team. With unique prayer giftings, all things are possible through Christ. In this book, you will learn the deeper secrets of intercessory prayer, how to make a difference in a lost world, for the sake of God’s kingdom. You will stand in the gap for such a time as this.

When we intercede for others, we are prayer partners with God. Intercession pushes the enemy out and invites God in. Intercession trusts God to move mountains. When you intercede for others, you are a part of God’s miracle. Intercessory prayer moves mountains, barriers and obstacles to faith. Come and learn “How to Move a Mountain,” with Linda Evans Shepherd, in this awesome book.