In her life’s journey, beautifully told in “Willed in His Grace” Laura Jaka, having experienced challenging times navigating the treacherous sea of life, has now come full circle, to a place of completeness and fulfillment in her life. Laura has finally learnt to be still, in a place of rest, knowing that in the final outcome, all things work together for her good and God’s glory, as expressed in Romans 8:28. One of the greatest lessons of life Laura has learnt is that in the final analysis, all that really matters is love and family.

Laura was most profoundly influenced by her grandmother, Daisy Susanna Wellington, whose sheer tenacity, remarkable resilience, compassionate love and selfless sacrifice inspired and transformed Laura’s life, teaching her priceless values and sterling morals to govern her life by. Her grandmother obeyed her calling to serve, as a selfless steward to many, although she herself had absolutely nothing to give. Though financially deprived, she was obedient to her calling with the precious little she had, serving her family with love, compassion, dignity and honor. “She loved as only she could,” a truly phenomenal lady of sterling qualities, who had eyes to see only the good in people and never distinguished between their class or social status in society.

God’s gift of unconditional love allows Laura to live her life “willed in His grace.” All Laura’s trials, tribulations and triumphs, coupled with God’s amazing miracles and favors, have shaped her into the stunning personality she is today. In this revealing book,  Laura uncovers the roads she travelled and the successes achieved, to lead her to where she is today. Laura has an intuitive mind, that adapts to everything. She has the deep-rooted courage to reach deep down inside herself and express hidden, underlying feelings at the heart’s core of her soul. Laura’s passion in life is to serve others in whatever capacity she may do so. She wants to make a difference in the lives of those in dire need of support and care. I highly recommend this awesome book for all those who wish to make a profound impact upon society, in whatever way they can, to make this world a better place for those less fortunate.

Miriam Jacob