THE HAPPY CAMPER – Melody Carlson

The Happy Camper by Melody Carlson is a clean, sweet, contemporary romance, written in true Hallmark style, about transition, family relationships and dealing with the innumerable challenges of every day life.

With her uplifting anecdotes and faith boosting stories, Melody Carlson weaves simple joys into the storyline, with her character development, by putting characters in life-changing circumstances, and in healing relationships.

Home is where the heart heals. Dillon finds peace and satisfaction as a happy camper. She finds joy in simple things like working in her grandmother’s garden and fixing up a vintage camper.

The Happy Camper is a delightful story of finding love in the most usual places. It is a light and cute chicklit romance, with well-written characters, about family love and forgiveness. I highly recommend this delightfully engaging, entertaining story, with adorable characters and portraying realistic situations.

Miriam Jacob


OUT OF THE EMBERS – Amanda Cabot

Out Of The Embers by Amanda Cabot is an inspirational historical romance. It is an intriguing mystery, skillfully woven into a sweet romance.

A decade after the brutal murder of her parents, Evelyn Radcliffe’s only refuge, the orphanage has burned to the ground. Only she and a young girl escape to safety. Fearing this to be related to her parents’ murders, Evelyn flees to Mesquite Springs in the Texas Hill Country, with her young friend, taking refuge at the home of Wyatt Clark, a single, rugged horse rancher. Will he hold the key to her future—and her past?

With trouble blowing hard on her heels, Evelyn is at first a distraction, and later a full-blown disruption. Can Wyatt keep her safe from the man who wants to kill her? And will his own plans get in the way?

Suspenseful and romantic, Out of the Embers invites you to the Texas Hill Country in the 1850s, in the wild West, filled with noble men and strong women.

Evelyn deals with the “Watcher” with fear, cautiousness and courage. The plot twist with the “Watcher” was so incredibly done.

This is an excellent read. I recommend it highly.

Miriam Jacob



The Land Beneath Us, by Sarah Sundin, the third book in the Sunrise at Normandy series, is an unusual love story. Just before D-Day, Pvt. Clay Paxton, training with the Army Rangers, has a recurring dream of his death on the battlefield. Clay meets and likes the extremely polite, courteous and gracious Leah Jones. She works at an orphanage library, being an orphan herself. She was ruthlessly abandoned by her adoptive family. When Clay saves Leah’s life, the bond between them deepens significantly, although it is not love at first sight. They get married in a marriage of convenience, with the option to divorce, before Clay goes to Europe on battle deputation. Their relationship strengthens through their letters. Clay and Leah are the perfect embodiment of selfless courage, determination and fortitude, as they find hope in forgiveness and life in healing. When Clay returns from the battlefield, they decide to save their marriage, as they love each other. Sarah Sundin develops the blossoming relationship between the two main characters, Clay and Leah, in a profound and perceptive way. I highly recommend this book to all who wish to get a deeper understanding of what it means to triumph against all odds.

TWO STEPS FORWARD – Susanne Woods Fisher

“Two Steps Forward” by Susanne Woods Fisher is a story filled with unique relationships, ranging from a wide gamut of family secrets and past mistakes to searching for forgiveness. The main characters are strong-minded and realistic, laced with determination and fortitude. Susan Woods Fisher is a unique voice for the Amish community. Her sensitive, true-to-life stories are well balanced, with a lot of heart, humor and faith.
“Two Steps Forward” by Suzanne Woods Fisher is the third and final book in the ‘Deacon Family’ series. Jimmy Fisher is back, broke and bereft in Stoney Ridge, having coasted through the vicissitudes of life, as long and as well as he could, purely on the strength of his charming good looks and deep-set dimples, which had always stood him in good stead, until one day, much to his chagrin, they didn’t!
Jimmy’s dazzling smile had absolutely no effect on Sylvie Schrock King, the violet-eyed, vivacious beauty, who offered him a job at her farm, to keep herself and her son Joey afloat. Hiring Jimmy, the son of her neighbour and nemesis, Edith Fisher Lapp, would only serve to fan the fiery flames of Edith’s rancorous rage. However, Sylvie, desperate for help, has no other option. Jimmy has a heart for horses, unlike any other. While Jimmy’s dazzling smile and endearing ways win Sylvie’s heart, Edith schemes to claim her land. Has Sylvie made a terrible mistake in hiring Jimmy? Is it too late to outrun, outwit and outfox the fox? And who exactly is the wily fox?
Writing with warm wit and charm, Suzanne Woods Fisher delivers a supremely satisfying tale to wrap up ‘Deacon’s family series, with this extraordinary twist to the typical Amish tale. Humanitarian issues of abandonment and compassionate virtues of commitment, forgiveness, and helping the helpless weave their way through this heartwarming tale. I highly recommend “Two Steps Forward” to all who wish to identify with the warmth and love of Amish family life in their own unique communities.

STILL – Jenny L. Donnelly

In “Still,” Jenny L. Donnelly helps us to still our souls and discover God’s life-giving rest at any time, in any place, and under any conditions. This beautiful perspective of rest powers our very identity, is the essence of our creativity, roots all our relationships and crowns everything in life.

Embraced by God’s love daily, Jenny exhorts us to stay rooted in rest, as we abide in Christ, to experience His life. Rest is a reset, to set our priorities right and reconcile ourselves to who we are and whose we are. Rest is rooted in God’s love. We learn to still our souls, even in chaos, to find God’s comforting presence, divine power, amazing grace and heartwarming love.

Jenny equips and empowers women to live and lead biblical truth. We understand the soul-satisfying beauty of resting in God. Our greatest battles are won by finding peace with God. Jenny sounds a bugle for this world, reverberating the hope and resurrection of Christ.

“Still” gives us rest in life’s crazy twists and turns. Penned with astounding grace and candor, in Jenny’s unique style, it provides powerful spiritual principles to fulfil our God-given assignments. As one of the most life-changing, faith-based books, I highly recommend it to all believers who wish to find rest in the midst of chaos.

Miriam Jacob




“An Uncommon Woman” by Laura Frantz is a historical romance depicting American history set in the time period between the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War. Laura Frantz transports readers to the picturesque, danger-fraught Western mountain frontier, with sensory-rich descriptions and intricate historical details that bring the past to life.

The novel is richly peopled with resilient and compelling characters, each one of them being forces to be reckoned with in their own right. Tessa Swan, unflinchingly honest, frank and plainspoken, with a quicksilver smile and lilting laugh, is famed for her unadorned decency and a bone-deep beauty, with startlingly hued, marbled, violet-blue eyes, and hair “as black as moonless midnight.”

Quiet and courageous, Clay Tygart is a war hero who wins the heart of Tessa Swan, with his thoughtful resonant voice and kind, compassionate demeanor. This inspiring novel depicts “those rare times when your spirit is knit together with another’s, and you love them like your own soul.” I highly recommend this book to all who like Laura Frantz’s historical romances.

Miriam Jacob



Imprint: Revell. Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781493419364
Pub. Date: Oct 2019
Price: $15.99

In “The Roll of the Drums,” Jan Drexler has produced a rare masterpiece of genuine Amish family life, combined with true Christian faith and exemplary values of decency and decorum, set in the backdrop of war and its fiery aftermath. Jan combines intensive historical research with true-to-life characters, to create a memorable story of the sweetness of true love, flourishing against all odds, amidst the conflict, sorrow and trauma of battle. The true values of honest faith, love of family and hard-won freedom of the gentle Amish community are painfully tested in the excruciating crucible of war. Lives and hearts are disrupted by the roll of the drums. This haunting and beautifully woven love story of Gideon and Ruby, surrounded by Gideon’s children, captures the mind and nourishes the soul, keeping readers spellbound, as Jan Drexler graphically portrays the heroic struggles of fiery faith, aspiring hope and selfless love in families, communities and churches. I strongly recommend this inspiring, enlightening and engaging book to all who wish to know about the true and honorable values of family life in Amish communities.

Miriam Jacob