MADE FOR THE JOURNEY – Elisabeth Elliot


Made for the Journey
One Missionary’s First Year in the Jungles of Ecuador
by Elisabeth Elliot

ISBN: 9780800729462
Price: $13.99


Made for the Journey" by Elisabeth Elliot is the true life story of her first year as a missionary in the jungles of Ecuador. She describes her first lessons in the sovereignty of God, with the echo of His crystal-clear Word resounding in her ears - "Trust Me. The answer to 'why' is Mine." As Elisabeth says, ashes are not the end of God's story.  From the ashes always springs a brand new life and a fresh new beginning. Faced with numerous physical and often baffling spiritual trials, Elisabeth vividly captures the  puzzles, mysteries and striking realities in the starkly primitive world in which she lived and ministered day after day. She recounts her early days in a series of poignant, deeply personal reflections on the important questions of life. Elisabeth spent countless hours meditating on why she was there. Although she knew that it was important to have a clear-cut purpose and pursue it diligently, and she was absolutely certain about God's call upon her life, she still felt rather restless and strangely uncertain at times. Faced with the severe trials and tribulations of life in the Ecuadorian jungle, Elisabeth learnt that the familiar became like dreams, and the former dreams became familiar. Later, she realized that this was an integral part of the process of letting go of her previous life to embark wholeheartedly on a brand new God-inspired mission. Elisabeth prayed for divine wisdom, the power to understand and the grace to grow. She learnt that 
missionary work needs a very strong, resilient faith. That she persevered courageously is a remarkable testimony to her Christian dedication, commitment and unswerving obedience to God.

Miriam Jacob


THIRSTY FOR MORE – Allison Allen

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Thirsty for More
Discovering God’s Unexpected Blessings in a Desert Season
by Allison Allen

Revell, Pub Date: 04 Sep 2018
ISBN 9780800728205
PRICE $14.99

“Thirsty for More” by Allison Allen helps us to discover God’s unexpected blessings in the dry, desert season of the soul. A period of “dry seasons” makes us feel alienated from God our heavenly Father, our Creator and Blessed Redeemer. Lush, verdant valleys beckon us, not dry, trackless deserts. During the first three centuries of the Christian Church, people seeking God deliberately moved into deserts to pray and meditate on the greatness of God. They understood that the desert is not a wilderness but a place where we can truly taste God’s intimacy. Allison Allen offers a fresh perspective for all who believe that God is present in their dry seasons. In the difficult periods of trials and struggles, God reveals Himself to us, to experience His abundant blessings in an intimate way. “Thirsty for More” is a very inspiring, refreshing and rejuvenating message of hope. I highly recommend it to all people who thirst for God and seek to experience His presence in their lives.

Miriam Jacob




Publisher: Revell (September 4, 2018)

ISBN: 9780800722715
PRICE: $16.99

“A Christmas by the Sea” by Melody Carlson is set in the quiet town of Seaside, Maine. Having just lost her husband to cancer, Wendy Harper and her son, Jackson, drive along the coast to the beach house she inherited from her grandfather. While she wants to sell the house, Jackson wants them to stay there permanently. Constantly torn between buoyant hope and nerve-wracking doubt, Wendy is unsure if selling the beach house is the solution to her myriad problems. Caleb Colton makes Wendy see the plethora of possibilities if they stayed in Seaside. Jackson encourages his mother to trust God for their needs and stay in Seaside. Melody Carlson explores the beauty of second chances through life in a small beach house with a budding romance and a renewed faith in God. The characters are perfectly ordinary, likeable and relatable people, set in a blooming love story, woven through subtle family history and seaside escapades. Quick, uplifting, warmhearted and lighthearted at the same time, I highly recommend “A Christmas by the Sea.” This clean, Christian romance is very well-written, with descriptive writing, beautiful imagery and excellent character delineation. The story is full of hope and joy in the true spirit of Christmas.

Miriam Jacob





Holley Gerth

Revell, Baker Publishing Group. ISBN: 9781493415106.

Pub. Date: Sep 2018. Price: $13.99

Trying to understand the inherent nature of God’s character, exactly who He is, what He means to us, and how He loves us beyond compare, changes our lives in the most unimaginable ways. It sounds like music to our ears to hear God’s still small voice whisper to our hearts, “You’re mine.” It fills our hearts with the greatest hope, divine joy and priceless peace that is truly out of this world. In fifty-two inspiring, heart-to-heart devotions, Holley Gerth shares the God-given answer to the innate restlessness that keeps us trying to achieve in our lives what only a loving Heavenly Father can do for us. The Almighty God who painted the skies with joyous abandon by scattering myriads of twinkling stars like glittering diamonds across the sweeping panorama of the universe, the Maker of us all, invites us to draw close to Him in the only relationship worth having in this world. He is what our hearts have been searching for all our lives.

Miriam Jacob