Morning by Morning – Charles Spurgeon


Morning by Morning
The Bestselling Classic Daily Devotional
by Charles Spurgeon

Barbour Books, Barbour Publishing, Inc. Pub Date: 01 Nov 2017
ISBN: 9781683223269
Price: $15.99

“Morning by Morning” is Charles Spurgeon’s bestselling classic daily devotional, from the heart of one of history’s most beloved preachers. Charles Haddon Spurgeon is known as the prince of preachers. This inspiring devotional has encouraged, motivated, challenged, and brought thought-provoking insight to the whole world for well over 150 years. It teaches us to travail in prayer constantly, trusting God to bring us through trials victoriously. We see a wrestling Jacob, a Daniel who prayed three times a day in the privacy of his home, and a David who called upon his God with all his heart. We see Elijah on the mountaintop, and Paul and Silas praising God in the prison. We have myriads of God’s commands and priceless promises to teach us of the sacred importance and utmost necessity of prayer. A prayerless person is utterly powerless. Prayer is the triumphant shout of the courageous believer and the last thought of the dying saint. It is the comfort, strength and honor of a Christian. A child of God seek the Father’s face, and lives in His love, to be a blessing to others, growing in grace, favor and in the knowledge of God. May this awe-inspiring devotional teach us to behold the beauty of the Lord all the days of our lives.

Miriam Jacob




Daily Wisdom for Women 2018 Devotional Collection – Barbour Staff


Daily Wisdom for Women 2018 Devotional Collection
Compiled by Barbour Staff

Barbour Books, Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Pub Date: 01 Oct 2017.
ISBN: 9781683222118
PRICE: $15.99

“Daily Wisdom for Women 2018 Devotional Collection,” compiled by Barbour Staff is a beautiful and inspirational daily devotion book for women. All women of God will be blessed by Him everyday through this awesome devotional book. We can experience a most intimate connection to God, our heavenly Father with this inspiring collection of devotionals. It provides inspiration and encouragement for our souls, giving us comfort and spiritual blessings all 365 days of 2018. This is a delightful, easy-to-read devotional book providing uplifting thoughts to enrich our days all through the year. I highly recommend this beautiful, soul-refreshing book to all women who love God and want to be blessed by Him.


Fear Less, Pray More – by Janet Ramsdell Rockey


Fear Less, Pray More
A Woman’s Devotional Guide to Courageous Living

by Janet Ramsdell Rockey

Barbour Books, Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Pub Date: 01 Aug 2017. ISBN: 9781683221852. PRICE: $4.99

Fear Less, Pray More – A Woman’s Devotional Guide to Courageous Living is an inspiring devotional guide filled with wisdom and grace, featuring 180 readings and prayers specially designed to alleviate your fears as you learn to trust God each and every day. This devotional book will inspire you to live courageously one day at a time, in your daily walk in Faith. As we place our trust in God, He gives us courage and strength. This devotional guide to courageous living will encourage us to fear less and pray more. Trust in God and do the right. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is with us, guarding and guiding us all the way, until we reach heaven’s gate of glory and grace, where we will sing in happiness and praise.

Miriam Jacob


Today God Wants You to Know…You Are Beautiful – by Valorie Quesenberry


Today God Wants You to Know…You Are Beautiful
by Valorie Quesenberry

Imprint: Barbour Books, Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. Pub Date 01 Aug 2017.
ISBN: 9781683222576. PRICE: $4.99

Celebrate each new day with encouragement and inspiration in this charming women’s devotional. You are a daughter of the King, beautifully created in His image. With over 180 readings, each inspiring devotional and accompanying Bible verse will make you feel perfectly loved. This beautiful devotional is filled with beautiful Scripture verses. All women are loved by God, beautiful in His eyes and wonderfully made in His image. This book that will speak to the hearts of people worldwide. Every woman is created by God’s design, fearfully and wonderfully made, radiating inner beauty from within. God made us, crafted in His glorious image and gifted with His sensitivities and longings. We reflect an unspeakable beauty. God sees it and He wants to show you what He sees in you, enhancing your beauty with His redemption and healing grace. Today, He rejoices over you. God wants you to know you are beautiful.

Miriam Jacob



3-Minute Devotions with Charles Spurgeon – compiled by Barbour Staff


True to its name, in 3-Minute Devotions with Charles Spurgeon, compiled by Barbour Staff, we find inspiring wisdom and spiritual encouragement in these readings by the Prince of Preachers, Charles Spurgeon. This delightful devotional infuses power-packed inspiration into 180 three-minute readings. In Minute 1, we study a Bible verse; in Minute 2, we read through a devotional; and in Minute 3, we read a prayer to start talking to God. In three little minutes, spiritual renewal is at our fingertips. The timeless spiritual truth in the inspirational readings are just as relevant today as they were when Charles Spurgeon wrote them. The devotions will enhance and strengthen our spiritual growth. 3-Minute Devotions with Charles Spurgeon is a compilation of selections from Spurgeon’s sermons and writings, interspersed with short passages of scripture, to inspire one-on-one time with our heavenly Father. These 3-minute devotional readings will inspire and encourage you to deepen your relationship with Christ.

Miriam Jacob


JOURNEY INTO GRACE by Darlene Sala, Bonnie Sala, Luisa Reyes-Ampil


Pages: 321, Imprint: Barbour Books, Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc., Publication Date: 1 September 2017. ISBN 9781683222859. Price: $12.99

As we journey into grace through the unique challenges of life, allowing God to work His miracles in us, through the joyful moments and the painful trials, our journey through life leads us to the divine richness of His glorious Grace, in a life-transforming, personally intimate relationship with Him. This spiritual truth strikes at the heart’s core of the inspiring devotional, Journey into Grace. The 150 readings in the book explain various themes like the amazing power of forgiveness, learning to love, the discipline of prayer, and the complicacy of life’s relationships. It offers us precious quiet moments with God as we place our life challenges at His feet, confident of His guidance and help when we need it the most.

Miriam Jacob