Publisher: Cedar Lake Press (February 25, 2019)
Publication Date: February 25, 2019.
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“Tomorrow’s First Light” by Naomi Rawlings is the first book in the Texas Promise Series. It is a heartwarming tale, brimming with hope and bright new beginnings. A mail-order bride, Ellie Spritzer marries Sam Owens, just to keep her eight siblings out of an orphanage. Ellie’s lifelong quest for love takes her, with all her siblings in tow, to Twin Rivers, Texas, where Sam Owen resides. An orphan, Sam never had a home or family to love. When Ellie and all her siblings appear on his doorstep, in dire need of his heart and home, Sam just cannot turn them away. Yet, as a new start-up rancher, he does not have the resources to care for such a large family. When evil threatens all that Sam and Ellie hold dearest to their hearts, they struggle to keep their precious, fledgling family together under one roof. When Ellie comes to terms with her questioning faith, and learns to trust God no matter what happens, the Almighty Father intervenes to vanquish evil and save all that Sam and Ellie cherish most. “Tomorrow’s First Light” highlights the great importance of having deep, interpersonal relationships that we can rely on in times of trials. Naomi Rawlings makes her characters speak from the heart and her books appeal to the hearts of readers worldwide. I highly recommend the Texas Promise Series. Excellent reading!

Miriam Jacob





Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 7, 2015)
ISBN-13: 978-1517254049

“Love’s Every Whisper” by Naomi Rawlings is a Christian historical romance. It is the second book in the Eagle Harbor series. An ancient feud rages from childhood as the novel revolves around high-drama sea rescues. Amidst the warm feeling of a shared community, Victoria Donnelly finds a way to redeem herself in the eyes of her family but she has to return to Eagle Harbor, where forgotten romantic feelings can resurface alarmingly. Elijah Cummings, a fisherman’s son, has loved Victoria, a shipping baron’s daughter, for fifteen years. But everyone knows that the great difference in the complex pecking order of the social hierarchy prevents Elijah and Victoria from ever getting married. Meanwhile Elijah establishes a life-saving station, risking his own life to rescue sailors from horrifying shipwrecks in gale-force winds whipping off the roaring lake in the blinding, swirling snow. The foaming, ferocious, froth-ripped waves crashed into the beach with a vehemence that terrified even the most sea-worthy sailors.

Victoria is about to make an irreversible decision. Elijah can save save drowning sailors but can he save Victoria without destroying their love? The scenic town of Eagle Harbor, Michigan is the beautiful setting for this truly memorable story of love, courage, and high drama on the seas. I highly recommend this book and the entire Eagle Harbor series to all who wish to read clean, pure novels. Happy reading!




Series: Eagle Harbor.
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 
1 edition (March 20, 2015)
ISBN-13: 978-1508779247

“Love’s Unfading Light’ by Naomi Rawlings is the story of redemption of two people who learn from each other that their pasts do not define who they are. It’s hard to overcome sorrowful pasts wracked with bitter hurts and disappointments, but Mac and Tressa learn that they can overcome their lives’ painful experiences to reinvent themselves and find true love again. Laced with God’s truth and the powerful combination of love of family coupled with forgiveness, we learn why the pretty Tressa with her overwhelming burdens tugs at Mac Oakton’s heart, compelling them to face a decision affecting both their lives. Can strong, stubborn Tressa accept honorable Mac’s support to give up her independence and be obligated to a man again? Tressa, a young, complicated woman and a widowed mother, has an unending, selfless devotion to her son. Naomi Rawlings writes pure, clean novels that tug at our heartstrings. I highly recommend her books to all people who look for the very best Christian values and principles embodied in the characters of novels. Let the warm glow of “Love’s Unfading Light’ inspire people to read all the novels in “Eagle Harbor Series where Love finds its Anchor.”

Miriam Jacob


Love’s Beginning – by Naomi Rawlings


Digital Book – 21 pages,

Publisher: Cedar Lake Press

Publication Date: September 28, 2015.

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Read about the day Elijah first falls in love with Victoria in the Eagle Harbor short story, Love’s Beginning, a 21 page short story and extension of Love’s Every Whisper, which is Elijah and Victoria’s full length novel.

LOVE’S BEGINNING – by Naomi Rawlings

Love’s Beginning: Historical Christian Short Story (Eagle Harbor) Kindle Edition



In Love’s Beginning, Naomi Rawlings heralds the entry of two lovely little girls into the story. Rebekah enters in a swirling “flurry of white pinafore, dark blue dress, and brown hair”, while Victoria is “all prettily dressed up in white lace and pink ruffles, with cheeks turning pink, the prettiest thing, with flounces and miles of creamy lace.” This is where Love begins and has its start in Elijah’s heart. Victoria’s kindness in sharing her food and her delicate stammer make her appear all the more winsome in Eijah’s eyes. “Love’s Every Whisper” is first heard here, softly and silently, in “Love’s Beginning”, in the tender hearts of Elijah and Victoria. The look of love is sweet, as Elijah poignantly discovers at the very moment he falls in love with Victoria Donnelly. This is where it all starts – in a flurry of childhood love – in the age of innocence. You will hear “Love’s Every Whisper” ring out in “Love’s Beginning”.

Miriam Jacob


LOVE’S VIOLET SUNRISE – by Naomi Rawlings


LOVE’S VIOLET SUNRISE – by Naomi Rawlings

An Eagle Harbor Novella

Ebook: 100 pages. December 19, 2016. $3.09

The spiritual content in the Eagle Harbor and American State Flower Novella, “Love’s Violet Sunrise” by Naomi Rawlings is beautifully integrated, making the story inspiring and meaningful to readers. The two main characters, Hiram Cummings and Mabel Krause strive to secure the release of Dietrich, Mabel’s brother from jail by convicting the culprit who got him arrested on a false charge. This faith-based book by best-selling author, Naomi Rawlings has wide-spread appeal. The well-developed characters, intriguing storylines and surprise plot twists create a beautiful and captivating tale of enduring love that triumphs at all costs.

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Love's Violet Sunrise (American State Flower)GOODREADS – Love’s Violet Sunrise by Naomi Rawlings