“Anchored in Jesus” by Johnny Hunt teaches us to hold on to truth in a drifting world. It shows us how to have a living relationship with Christ – the key to growing strong in faith as believers. Jesus calls us to trust and draw near to Him. He wants us to know Him and be known by Him. As we study the character of Jesus and what He accomplished on the cross for us, He enables us to reflect His image more closely and bear the fruits of the Spirit. As we anchor ourselves in Jesus, He transforms us into His likeness. I highly recommend this inspiring book for all believers who desire to draw close to Jesus and be conformed into His image.

BEAUTIFUL IN GOD’S EYES – by Elizabeth George

cover120278-medium - Copy

Harvest House Publishers, Pub Date 01 Oct 2017.
ISBN: 9780736970495. PRICE: $15.99

In Beautiful in God’s Eyes, with delicate sensitivity and inspired wisdom, Elizabeth George reveals God’s ideal, in the heart of the Proverbs 31 woman as she embraces the purest virtues of beauty: obedience and strength of character. She is beautiful in His eyes because she is obedient. The Proverbs 31 woman is a priceless treasure, her value a glorious gem, a sparkling jewel. Her loyalty is a solid rock on which she stands, unshakable and firm. Her contribution to God’s Kingdom is her selfless commitment, devotion and dedication. Her mission is like a spring of goodness, welling up in her heart as a fountain of joy. She has a most enterprising spirit. Her discipline is worthy to emulate. Her vision is a flourishing field of fragrant dreams. Her confidence is rewarded with success. Her diligence is a trait to learn from. Her mercy extends a helping hand to the poor and needy. Her handiwork is an exquisite tapestry of beauty. Her industry is a creative work of art. Her clothing is a wardrobe of admirable virtues. Her words are kindhearted and loving. Her family is an overflowing cup of blessing. Her adoration and praise to God is a crowning chorus and jubilant chorale. Her fervent faith is reflected in a reverence to her Creator. Her reward is to reap the fruitful harvest of a lifetime. I recommend this book for a perfect Bible study on the Proverbs 31 woman.

Miriam Jacob


The Power of a Praying® Woman by Stormie Omartian


Harvest House Publishers,

Pub Date 01 Feb 2014.

ISBN: 9780736957762.

PRICE: $14.99

As we pray for our families and friends, God wants to hear our prayers for our own lives as well. He absolutely loves it when we come to Him for our needs and ask Him to help us to become the women of our highest ideals. The Power of a Praying® Woman is filled with personal illustrations, selected Bible verses and heartfelt prayers to help us to trust God with our deepest longings and personal needs. This book covers every area of our lives with prayer and helps you to maintain a right heart before God. Each chapter concludes with an anointed prayer. We will find renewed hope and Spirit-filled purpose for our lives with The Power of a Praying® Woman.

Stormie Omartian’s deep, in-depth knowledge of Scripture and candid revelations of her own struggles give reassuring guidance to those who seek God’s presence in their lives. We will learn how to trust God with the deepest longings of our hearts, pray when life threatens to spin out of control. This book will cover every area of our lives in prayer and help us to keep a right heart before God to build up our prayer lives. God longs for us to be in His presence.

This book helps us to deal with all the difficult issues in our lives and gives us applicable tools to use for our journey in Christ, which help us to stay on track and grow deeper. It is a powerful tool to help women of all ages connect with God. Stormie Omartian’s style of writing make her books inspiring. Her extremely practical, down-to-earth way of dealing with the many aspects of our lives with prayer and spiritual guidance is a tremendous blessing. This book is a strong Biblical foundation to teach us to pray with the right perspectives and attitudes, with steadfast faith in God’s awesome promises, as the author takes us deeper into Godly living. Stormie Omartian is an awesome prayer warrior, having gone through the bitter agony, torment and pain of innumerable severely traumatic trials.

Miriam Jacob


ANNA’S HEALING – by Vanetta Chapman



by Vanetta Chapman

Harvest House Publishers

1 October 2015

Anna’s Healing is by popular author Vannetta Chapman. These delightful Amish community stories of love and family speak  volumes of the miracles that happen when lives are lived in humble obedience to God and selfless devotion to each other. When a crippling tornado strikes the simple farms at Cody’s Creek, Anna Schwartz’s simple life is devastated beyond belief. She suffers a paralyzing spinal cord injury and is forced to live as a paraplegic. Three dedicated people hasten to help Anna through her worst days. Chloe writes for the local newspaper. Jacob is a worker at her uncle’s place. Ruth is her own grandmother, a committed woman with a strong faith and a selfless and compassionate spirit. One morning like any other, Anna suddenly finds herself instantly healed. How did it happen? Everyone’s attention is quickly drawn to this young Amish girl who has experienced an inexplicable miracle.





by Jerry S. Eicher

Harvest House Publishers

1 October 2015

Miriam lives a carefree life as a happy school teacher in an Amish community. She had come to terms with the possibility that she might never marry. But that was well before a handsome young reporter came into her small world. Miriam found herself attracted to him. To complicate matters, widower Mose Stoll arrives in search of a bride. Mose has already met Miriam’s father and now wants to meet Miriam herself. If he likes her, he wants to marry her. Miriam, on the other hand, is determined to follows her heart and not her head. The price she will pay is excommunication. Her happy life comes crashing down with no imminent solution in sight unless and until God Himself intervenes on her behalf. Will Miriam find love at last?




Is doubt the opposite of faith? Do your doubts force you to unbelief or inspire you to faith? Doubt often tends to lead to despair and desperation. However this book is an eye-opener. It reveals that doubts can also quite mysteriously deepen your faith and ultimate dependence on God, help you to empathise with others, and inspire you to find the unique answers to life’s most baffling questions. You can channel your doubts to build up your faith in God. Learn how to effectively use your doubts to start your journey toward faith.