WELL, GIRL – Jami Amerine

In “Well, Girl: An Inside-Out Journey to Wellness,” Jami Amerine invites us to join her on a vulnerable journey to start living as loved and valuable, exactly as we are. Jami candidly shares her struggles and successes to encourage us to find our wholeness in Jesus. This book is a fresh approach to tackling an age-old conflict of battling weight gain and subsequent feelings of insecurity.

God never asks us to write anything without walking us through it first. Reading this book will change your life forever, because of who you are in Jesus. Jami’s words will break you out of your shell into freedom , to understand yourself as you truly are. Understanding your inner feelings will free your outer self. In this book, Jami unravels her true self along with her readers.

Jami analyzes the heart of a woman to find out how to set her free to be her real self, fully convinced that the inside frees the outside. This book is about the struggle we all face as seekers of Christ as Jami seeks to find out the greatest barrier to true freedom. Jami knows that Jesus is the answer to all our problems, absolutely certain that only He can set us free to tread the path to perfect health, wellness and fitness.

Jami explains that we must surrender a lifelong struggle to God and ask Him to guide us to the next step. As we humble ourselves before God, we are set free and liberated. To know God, we must need Him. Our God is more than enough. He is everything to us. Ask Jesus how to achieve your God-given dreams. Wait for His answer, which will surely come, in His time. I encourage you to read this inspiring book to set you on the path to true living, as God intends for you. Happy reading!

Miriam Jacob


THE FATHER’S HEART – Neha Anna Thomas

A father’s heart you were given, when we entered into the world one day

A heart to give, a heart to love, and a heart to pray

Years have passed, but the heart has remained beating

Beating for the ones in your care until this day

Your father’s heart has followed us, all the years of our life

Followed us in our ups and downs, even through our strife

This heart has known our joys and pains, even known our fears

This beating heart has gone the distance, running the race with pride and might

Your father’s heart has aged today, but continues to beat as if it were yesterday

Beating in rhythm with our little hearts, in your care to watch over and pray With so much beating and so much toiling, who will watch over the father’s heart?

Who will nurture, and nurse and heal the father’s heart today?

A father’s heart you were given, when we entered into the world one day

A heart to give, a heart to love, and a heart to pray

This heart is not man-made, nor was it purchased or self-taught

But this heart was endowed to you, by the One with the greatest Father’s Heart

This Father’s Heart is like no other

This Father’s Heart loved even before it was loved

This Father’s Heart blessed you many years ago, with your own father’s heart

So would you take your precious gifted heart, and beat in rhythm with the Father’s Heart today

Beat in love, joy, and hope, and also in purity, peace, and prayer

So that your father’s heart will not grow weary, or tired and faint, will all of life’s many cares

But grow in power and strength and might, always and forever watched over by our heavenly Father’s Heart

© Neha Anna Thomas


ON A COASTAL BREEZE – Suzanne Woods Fisher

“On A Coastal Breeze” by Suzanne Woods Fisher is a stunning novel about forgiveness, redemption and second chances that will passionately pull at your heartstrings to bring out the music within.

When Paul Grayson settled on Three Sisters Island, Madison, his second daughter never dreamt that her life would change so dramatically. When the new Pastor Richard O’ Shea, an avid parachutist who loves skydiving, floats down from the sky onto the island, he creates quite a stir. It was only when Madison heard his full name that a bell rang in her mind. As far as Maddie was concerned, Pastor Ricky O’Shea should remain a distant, suppressed, if-not-forgotten memory, not an adventurous skydiver.

Pastor Ricky O’Shea looked exactly as Maddie remembered, dark eyes, a strong, vibrant, dynamic personality, courageous and fearless. But Maddie was older and wiser. Enough of the old turbulent past. Time to grow up and move on.

Ricky was completely comfortable with himself. He fervently hoped Maddie wished him well in his new role as pastor. Over eight years had passed. Time to forgive and forget. Today heralded a brand new start. A clean breeze cleansed Maddie’s mind, giving her a fresh start with God’s healing power.

Maddie tried to understand God’s plan for her. She must let the Lord turn her weakness into strength. God’s guidance and wisdom were her strength and confidence. Only what God thought of her ultimately mattered. Maddie prayed that the Lord would fill her with His wisdom, healing and hope.

And so, when Rick finally proposed, Maddie sensed that God had prepared her to love Rick wholeheartedly with a lasting, mature love. More than that, Maddie knew that if she trusted God with her life and Rick’s, she was safe. And so, Maddie said yes, to God and to Rick, confidently trusting that their story would end well in God’s hands.

As this lovely story caught hold of my heartstrings, I just had to explain the heart of the story to prospective readers, to urge you to get your own copy to treasure always.

Miriam Jacob



Take a breath, look around you now
Watch your step, don’t lose your head in the crowd
Today is the start of something new
Hold your hands, move ahead in love,
Help each other, build one another up
Today is the start of something new

In a world, where hope is dim,
In a world, where love grows cold
May you all be a beacon of light
Look to the Father up above
The source of hope, joy, and love
And for ever He will lead you through

Say a prayer , for the ones you love
Lift their burdens, to the Lord above
Today, is the start of something new
Build a home where love abounds
Give away all your fears and doubts
Today is the start of something new….


When the road gets tough don’t fear
There’s a Lord who is ever so near,
And He’ll give you grace, when strength can’t be found
When the trials pass at last
Don’t let go of heavens hands
May your steps be steady in the way of the Lord

© Neha Anna Thomas