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When Andrew Murray began his theological training, he experienced a conversion of heart and an inward grace by casting himself on Christ. Murray wrote to his parents, “Your son has been born again. … I have cast myself on Christ.” This became his life theme.

“May not a single moment of my life be spent outside the light, love, and joy of God’s presence,” was his prayer. “And not a moment without the entire surrender of myself as a vessel for him to fill full of his Spirit and his love.”

Andrew Murray preached that the believer can expect to receive the fullness of the Spirit. “I must be filled; it is absolutely necessary. I may be filled; God has made it blessedly possible. I would be filled; it is eminently desirable. I will be filled; it is so blessedly certain.”

Murray interpreted the Bible for Christians to experience the grace of God, who did everything for people to live meaningful lives that participated in the life of God, to lead them into a fuller understanding of the work God has called them to do.

“God rules the world by the prayers of his saints, that prayer is the power by which Satan is conquered, that by prayer the church on earth has disposal of the powers of the heavenly world.”

A deeper spiritual life cannot grow without deeper daily devotion to God’s Word and to prayer. Andrew Murray was one of the best-loved and most widely read writers on the deeper Christian life. This pastor, preacher, and missions speaker witnessed remarkable spiritual revival on three continents.

If you hunger for God’s presence in a daily personal renewel, 3-Minute Devotions with Andrew Murray will satisfy you with an astonishing banquet of divine, spiritual riches. Here are his treasured insights on prayer to draw you closer to God. A daily scripture deepens your insight, with a brief prayer to focus your devotions.

“Time alone with the Lord Jesus each day is indispensable,” insisted Andrew Murray. As you satisfy your hunger for God in this inspiring devotional, you will experience the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. Faith will come alive for you in a way you never thought possible.

Compiled by Miriam Jacob



The Heart-Shaped Life Daily Devotional
Choosing a Life of Steadfast Love One Day at a Time

by Karen Moore

Imprint: Shiloh Run Press, Barbour Publishing, Inc., 01 May 2017,

ISBN: 9781683220091. PRICE $14.99

Here is inspiration for a Heart-Shaped Life. When we view the world through the ‘eyes’ of the heart each moment of every day, we will walk ‘heart first’ into every life situation and circumstance. As we allow Christ to fill our hearts with His Love, we will love God, others, and ourselves. “The Heart-Shaped Life Daily Devotional” by Karen Moore encourages you to live life to the hilt – “heart first” – giving you precious thoughts, prayers, and Scripture to inspire you to live a heart-shaped life, full of Love!

Karen Moore draws us into intimate moments with God in the empowering thoughts and revelations from The Heart-Shaped Life Devotional. Having witnessed  life’s struggles and challenges, she has the right words to encourage and inspire us to live a heart-shaped life, filled with love. The quality time Karen spent time listening to God has shaped her heart and her life’s work. When we spend time with God, in His Word, and in His presence, He can mold and shape us to be more like Him. We realize who we are in God’s eyes and how to be kind and gracious.

The Heart-Shaped Life Daily Devotional transforms the way we view the world, one person at a time. It encourages and inspires us to walk hand-in-hand with the greatest Love of our life, God. Karen’s wisdom and precious heart is revealed on each page, to assist others in shaping their self-image to reflect who they are from deep within.

Karen inspires us to see the best in others, see them heart-first, through the lens of love. We only have one calling in life, to become what God designed us to be. It is a heart issue. The uplifting and life-shaping thoughts in “The Heart-Shaped Life Daily Devotional” will enrich our souls.

Karen Moore is a master craftsman with words. The Heart-Shaped Life is delicate and subtle. The author is also a pragmatist. This is reflected in her clear clarion calls to  the reader to get past the ‘ordinary’ to the ‘extraordinary’, living life to the hilt with love, joyful exuberance, and godly abandon.

Compiled by Miriam Jacob

YOU ARE HIS – by Darlene Sala


YOU ARE HIS – by Darlene Sala

Imprint: Barbour Books, Barbour Publishing Inc.,

01 Apr 2017, ISBN 9781683221449. PRICE: $16.99

Are you among the busy women who thirst for freshening, invigorating, revitalizing, restorative Living Water? In “You are His,” Darlene Sala exhorts you to come to Jesus just as you are. Let us fix “our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith”. When the storm overwhelms you, look to Jesus. Reach for His hand. Offer yourself to the Lord as a gift, “holy and pleasing to God”. You’ll be amazed at what He does with you. Write what is in your heart. Your words will be a prayer that God will listen to. Always give yourself totally to whatever you do. Give your undivided attention to the task at hand. “This one thing I do”. One thing at a time. Jesus was the master of this. He met each present need before the next one. Are you discouraged? Lift up your eyes to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. Look up at the Lord. If you feel insignificant today, thank God for His greatness—and His care for you and me! The Bible is God’s instruction Book. In it, you’ll meet Him who designed you— and He can fix anything. His name is “I AM”. He is the God of your past, your present, and your future. You are God’s beloved daughter. You are His.



When Jesus Speaks to a Woman’s Heart
Inspiration for Your Soul

by Donna K. Maltese

Published: 01 Apr 2017. ISBN: 9781683221135. PRICE: $5.99

As women of the Way, the Truth and the Life, we have to keep ourselves happy and holy on the narrow road that leads to eternal life. “When Jesus Speaks to a Woman’s Heart” by Donna K. Maltese will assuage your spiritual thirst, uplift your hurting heart, and give you divine power and strength to pursue your spiritual journey with zeal and zest. Within this inspiring book, you will find encouragement and inspiration to help you to tide over the vicissitudes of life. As a woman, you are always on Jesus’ mind. ‘Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.” There is no miracle He cannot perform. Allow Jesus to speak to your heart and draw you closer to Him. Explore His presence in your life, His passion to save you, His passionate plea to win your heart, His supernatural power to empower you and His awesome plan to help you become who you are destined to be. This delightful book will inspire you in your daily walk with God. It will nourish and sustain your faith. You will get encouragement to face each new day, with a sweet and loving touch of Jesus especially for you. Christ speaks to your heart every day, in every circumstance and situation. Each devotion, rooted in scripture from Christ’s heavenly perspective, will make you feel perfectly loved and divinely blessed. May the Lord bless you, guard, and keep you; make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; may He lift up His loving countenance upon you and give you His peace.

Compiled by Miriam Jacob



Choose Hope: 3-Minute Devotions for Women

Compiled by Barbour Staff, Barbour Publishing, Inc.

ISBN 9781683221746. PRICE $4.99

In today’s busy world, all it takes is three minutes to read and be inspired. “Choose Hope: 3-Minute Devotions for Women” is the perfect pick-me-up for today’s busy twenty-first century woman. This delightful devotional gives us comfort, encouragement inspiration and hope, all compactly packed into just-the-right-size readings. In all of three minutes, meditate on scripture in the first minute; read a short devotional reading in the second minute; say a prayer to start talking to God in the third minute. It is a unique, heartfelt devotional book to be inspired to get closer to God. We are here in this world only because of God, here on earth to worship God, and we can still do it even if we only have three minutes to do so. Let us keep our blessed connection with our Lord alive every day. God’s blazing light shines into our hearts after we read each devotion, giving us strength to face each new day. We will be grateful for all God’s gifts. This a wonderful devotional to give us hope and joy in life. When our hope is in God, we will be steadfast, our feet firmly planted on the Rock of Ages, to give us a safe and secure future. It is extremely reassuring to know that the answers to our prayers depend only on God, who rushes to help us the moment we ask Him, for any reason that we might need Him for. Soak yourself deep into the words of this life-giving devotional, to give you hope and encouragement. It is the most perfect gift for anyone who needs hope and joy in their lives.

Miriam Jacob

1,001 PROMISES OF GOD – compiled by Linda Hang – Barbour Publishing



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Compiled by Linda Hang. Print ISBN 978-1-68322-168-5

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1,001 Promises of God gives us God’s strength when we are overburdened with the disappointments of life, and our heavy hearts give up all hope for a promising and fulfilling future. These 1,001 uplifting promises for God’s children are specially selected verses from the Holy Bible. which has an answer for every problem we face. Here are 1,001 of Scriptures’ most inspiring, encouraging and uplifting promises in the Bible. It is the most perfect pick-me-up to start our days with joy. Christ’s love will fill our heart to overflowing and it will spill out to others. This inspiring devotional will strike a deep chord in our hearts, and we will know the liberating power of God’s truth to set us free to love and serve Him all our days. These 1,001 Promises for God’s children will give us hope in a hopeless world and help us to cling to God on the most difficult of all days. We will find God’s most uplifting guarantees included in these inspiring 1,001 Promises of God. Here are the most powerful promises from our Creator, to refresh our spirits and give us a renewed sense of Christ’s love, joy and peace.

Miriam Jacob

UNSEEN – The Gift of Being Hidden in a World that Loves to be Noticed – by Sara Hagerty

UNSEEN - Sara Hagerty

UNSEEN – The Gift of Being Hidden in a World that Loves to be Noticed –

by Sara Hagerty

240 pages, Publisher: Zondervan, August 29, 2017.

ISBN-13: 978-0310339977

Every heart yearns to be seen, not unseen, to be understood, not misunderstood, to be noticed, not unnoticed and be appreciated, not unappreciated. God is the only One who understands the unseen in our lives.

God gives us the gift of being hidden in a very noticeable world. Only when we hide ourselves in God, hidden away and kept out of harm’s way, can we walk in the freedom of the Lord, able and willing to give ourselves to others in joyous abandon.

We will know the heartfelt joy of a deeper relationship with God. Only when we give ourselves to God, fully and completely, holding nothing back, can we live out the lives God intends for us.

In “Unseen”, Sara Hagerty reveals our true identity in God, in the quiet, hidden places of life, where we are seen and known for ourselves alone. With piercing vulnerability, Sara chronicles her life’s story in great detail, as she discovers the intimacy of being known and loved by God.

Sara Hagerty invites us to offer every unseen minute of our lives to God, to taste His goodness, feel His loving kindness and bask in the radiance of His love. God is in all the secret places of our lives. He meets us with a radical love, that lays everything at His feet. He asks us the most important question of our lives:

“Will you waste your love on Me?

Jesus said that where this gospel is preached in the whole world, what Mary did will be told in memory of her” – (Mark 14:9).

Mary only touched One Life, the life of God’s Son. At once, her life was transformed and immortalized forever. When Jesus walked into Mary’s mundane world, an extraordinary waste happened, one that would fill the whole world with its fragrance for time immemorial.

As Jesus dined, Mary poured perfume on His feet and wiped them dry with her hair. While others criticized her, Jesus dignified her for what she did. He said she would be esteemed worldwide for her wastefulness for God. Jesus told her story to the whole world that night.

Today we know Mary through her loving extravagance for God. Mary had eyes for only One, driven to His feet by love, and staying there despite cynosure and criticism. The faith she gleaned from Jesus became her greatest expression of radical love for God, that lays everything at His feet.

Mary’s wastefulness teaches us to waste ourselves on God. A moment spent with God alone invites others to Him, a moment when Mary’s love for Jesus ignited everything she did, to set the stage for her story to be told to the whole world forever.

Will you hide yourself in Him and waste your love on Him?

Come and find the true Christ of your heart in “Unseen” by Sara Hagerty.
Your search for identity will be fufilled in this inspiring and timeless classic of modern times.