JOYFUL SURRENDER – Elisabeth Elliot


Joyful Surrender
7 Disciplines for the Believer’s Life

by Elisabeth Elliot

Revell, Baker Publishing Group. Pub. Date: Pub Date 02 Apr 2019
ISBN: 9780800729479
Price: $14.99

Self-discipline is one of the most important virtues of a Christian. In Joyful Surrender, Elisabeth Elliot explains the concept of discipline and its immense value for Christians. She teaches us how to
discipline the mind, overcome anxiety, change attitudes, trust God in trials and allow Christ to have complete control of our lives.

Scripture verses, illuminating personal stories, and Elisabeth Elliot’s vivid observations of the world helps us to understand that our personal fulfillment depends solely on our obedience to God’s commands for a successful Christian life. God gave us intellectual powers, the gift of reason, a free will and invested us with the option to choose.

Everything in creation is connected and solely dependent on God, the Creator, the great Mastermind of the Universe, God Omnipotent, the One who flung the stars into space, created light by His express command, spoke the Word to create matter, time and space. All creation is solely at His disposal.

Elisabeth Elliot calls the Bible “a book about God and people” – God calling people who respond to Him obediently. God commands implicit obedience from people. Discipline is responding to God’s call in obedience. We must acknowledge our helplessness and obey God instantly. Unwillingness to obey violates our humanity and asserts our independence. It dishonors and displeases God. Discipline says ‘yes’ to God’s call. When we say ‘yes’ to God, we put ourselves wholeheartedly at His disposal to do whatever He says.

This book teaches us the awesome power of joyful surrender to God. It empowers us to live victoriously in the world. I strongly recommend it to readers worldwide.

Miriam Jacob



B&H Publishing Group.

ISBN: 9781535914154

Price: $19.99

“Suffering Is Never For Nothing” by Elisabeth Elliot teaches us that suffering always has a loving purpose. When trials and troubles come our way, we know the One who knows why. Suffering is a mystery that we cannot plumb. Through the deepest sufferings come the deepest lessons. We trust the One who knows to lead us through the dark into the light.

Suffering and love are inexplicably and inextricably linked. God’s love for us sent His Son, Jesus to die for our sins on the cross to give us eternal life. Jesus carried our sins, griefs and sufferings on the cross. We don’t have to carry the heavy burdens ourselves. Some burdens are so heavy that we will sink under its weight. That’s why Jesus carried our burdens for us. Christ died for our sins and won victory for us. We can bear suffering because we trust God to bring amazing good out of it. “Suffering Is Never For Nothing.”

Miriam Jacob


MADE FOR THE JOURNEY – Elisabeth Elliot


Made for the Journey
One Missionary’s First Year in the Jungles of Ecuador
by Elisabeth Elliot

ISBN: 9780800729462
Price: $13.99


Made for the Journey" by Elisabeth Elliot is the true life story of her first year as a missionary in the jungles of Ecuador. She describes her first lessons in the sovereignty of God, with the echo of His crystal-clear Word resounding in her ears - "Trust Me. The answer to 'why' is Mine." As Elisabeth says, ashes are not the end of God's story.  From the ashes always springs a brand new life and a fresh new beginning. Faced with numerous physical and often baffling spiritual trials, Elisabeth vividly captures the  puzzles, mysteries and striking realities in the starkly primitive world in which she lived and ministered day after day. She recounts her early days in a series of poignant, deeply personal reflections on the important questions of life. Elisabeth spent countless hours meditating on why she was there. Although she knew that it was important to have a clear-cut purpose and pursue it diligently, and she was absolutely certain about God's call upon her life, she still felt rather restless and strangely uncertain at times. Faced with the severe trials and tribulations of life in the Ecuadorian jungle, Elisabeth learnt that the familiar became like dreams, and the former dreams became familiar. Later, she realized that this was an integral part of the process of letting go of her previous life to embark wholeheartedly on a brand new God-inspired mission. Elisabeth prayed for divine wisdom, the power to understand and the grace to grow. She learnt that 
missionary work needs a very strong, resilient faith. That she persevered courageously is a remarkable testimony to her Christian dedication, commitment and unswerving obedience to God.

Miriam Jacob