SHE LAUGHS – Carolanne Miljavac


In “She Laughs” by Carolanne Miljavac, humor keeps us focused on what really matters, by rubbing off all our corners, dusting the cobwebs away. Laughter lifts us up. It is truly the best medicine. The ability to laugh is a gift of God. It helps us to lift up our faith and conquer fear. Laughter, the gift of a profound sense of humor, helps us to endure the hardest days. It helps us to persevere against all odds, even when everything is against us. Laughter gives us beauty when we are ashen and gray. “She laughs without fear of the future.” There is always hope for us at the end of the tunnel, as long as humor knocks at the door of our hearts, requesting to be allowed in.

Laughter fills us with a beautiful sense of esteem and self-worth. It makes us feel good about ourselves, and in spite of ourselves. The lady who laughs is dignified and victorious, empowered to succeed, against all the odds aligned against her. Laughter fills us with faith and shows fear the door. Faith keeps our hearts rooted in the truth that God is good all the time. A lady who laughs is at peace, even with an unknown future before her. She does not need to know the whys and wherefores. The gift of laughter is precious. Cherish it like a priceless jewel. Laughter embues us with hope. It gives hope a voice and speaks life into our spirits. Faith, laughter, humor and hope go hand in hand. Laughter fills us with hope and joy for the future God plans for us.

Losing her little niece to cancer taught Carolanne to surrender to God, and in doing so, she found herself and God. Carolanne’s authentic life reflects beauty for ashes. She pulls heartstrings with love and laughter. Her life’s purpose is to spread love and joy, honestly and truthfully. I highly recommend “She Laughs” for all those who opt to choose faith over fear.

© Miriam Jacob


THE INN AT HIDDEN RUN – Olivia Newport

Shiloh Run Press, Barbour Publishing, Inc. ISBN: 9781683229940. Price: $12.99

“The Inn at Hidden Run” by Olivia Newport is a well-written, time-split story that arrests our attention, when a genealogist daughter and her lawyer-cum-mediator father sort out the baffling problems between Meri, the main character and her family. The story is split into two time frames, with a strong Christian theme, providing ample food for thought. It is a moving story about family relationships, reconciliation, depicting how the same family members are influenced by different family traits. An interesting, inspiring and immersive read, this book deftly portrays how to pursue one’s own dreams, in a love letter to the past, a romantic mystery in which Olivia Newport uses the “time slip genre” to root her story in the interesting art of genealogy, reaching back to past generations. The first book in the Tree of Life Series, “The Inn at Hidden Run” celebrates unforgettable family stories and interesting family histories that inspire readers to connect in unique faith journeys. Olivia Newport expertly examines the innate human desire for a sense of roots and belonging, creating a unique patchwork quilt of family histories, intricately woven into the daily fabric of human lives.

Miriam Jacob


Morning by Morning – Charles Spurgeon


Morning by Morning
The Bestselling Classic Daily Devotional
by Charles Spurgeon

Barbour Books, Barbour Publishing, Inc. Pub Date: 01 Nov 2017
ISBN: 9781683223269
Price: $15.99

“Morning by Morning” is Charles Spurgeon’s bestselling classic daily devotional, from the heart of one of history’s most beloved preachers. Charles Haddon Spurgeon is known as the prince of preachers. This inspiring devotional has encouraged, motivated, challenged, and brought thought-provoking insight to the whole world for well over 150 years. It teaches us to travail in prayer constantly, trusting God to bring us through trials victoriously. We see a wrestling Jacob, a Daniel who prayed three times a day in the privacy of his home, and a David who called upon his God with all his heart. We see Elijah on the mountaintop, and Paul and Silas praising God in the prison. We have myriads of God’s commands and priceless promises to teach us of the sacred importance and utmost necessity of prayer. A prayerless person is utterly powerless. Prayer is the triumphant shout of the courageous believer and the last thought of the dying saint. It is the comfort, strength and honor of a Christian. A child of God seek the Father’s face, and lives in His love, to be a blessing to others, growing in grace, favor and in the knowledge of God. May this awe-inspiring devotional teach us to behold the beauty of the Lord all the days of our lives.

Miriam Jacob




Daily Wisdom for Women 2018 Devotional Collection – Barbour Staff


Daily Wisdom for Women 2018 Devotional Collection
Compiled by Barbour Staff

Barbour Books, Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Pub Date: 01 Oct 2017.
ISBN: 9781683222118
PRICE: $15.99

“Daily Wisdom for Women 2018 Devotional Collection,” compiled by Barbour Staff is a beautiful and inspirational daily devotion book for women. All women of God will be blessed by Him everyday through this awesome devotional book. We can experience a most intimate connection to God, our heavenly Father with this inspiring collection of devotionals. It provides inspiration and encouragement for our souls, giving us comfort and spiritual blessings all 365 days of 2018. This is a delightful, easy-to-read devotional book providing uplifting thoughts to enrich our days all through the year. I highly recommend this beautiful, soul-refreshing book to all women who love God and want to be blessed by Him.


MARKED BY LOVE – Tim Stevens – review by Miriam Jacob


Shiloh Run Press, Baker Publishing, Inc.,

Pub. Date: 01 Oct. 2018,

ISBN: 9781683226550,

Price: $14.99


When Christ was on earth, God spoke twice: “Jesus is marked by My love.” The only thing that marks Christ and His followers is love. View life through a filter of love. If Christ’s followers are marked by love, it will revolutionize the world the way He did.

Tim Stevens’ father, Ron Stevens, was the epitome of love. He loved his wife like Christ loved the Church. Ron loved his Coworkers like a true Servant Leader. Ron helped people by putting their needs above his own. Ron treated others with utmost respect and honor. Ron Stevens’ life was marked by love for seventy-seven years. His legacy lives on in his son’s life and through this book.

“Marked by Love” is a passion project, straight from Tim Stevens’ heart. The one and only way to make a profound impact upon the world is Love. When all our thoughts, words, actions, reactions and beliefs are processed through a filter of love, we will change the world, God’s way. Love is all that matters. The entire game of life is won or lost solely depending on how well we love others and serve them the way Jesus did. This inspiring book is a journey through life, “Marked by Love.”

Miriam Jacob


Prayers for a Heart-Shaped Life – by Karen Moore


Prayers for a Heart-Shaped Life
Inspiring Prayers for Living Life “Heart First”

by Karen Moore

Imprint: Shiloh Run Press, Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Pub Date 01 Dec 2017
ISBN: 9781683223207
PRICE: $12.99


In “Prayers for a Heart-Shaped Life” Karen Moore speaks right to the heart. This inspiring book helps you to discover God’s plan for your life, as you live each new day heart-first. Karen teaches you to pray from the deepest depths of your heart to God for your deepest needs and those of others. With God, you get a fresh new start each day.

“Prayers for a Heart-Shaped Life” helps you to put prayer first as you begin your day. God guides you with His saving grace, offering you forgiveness and redemption. This book, an indispensable guide in your walk with Christ, strengthens your faith as you seek the priceless “peace that passes all understanding.”

Can prayer help you to see the world with eternity’s values in view? Can prayer inspire you to walk “heart first” through life? Can prayer transform love to become your only priority? 1 Corinthians 13:2 states: “If I knew everything about everything, but didn’t love others, what good would it do?”

The Heart-Shaped Life series, with its awesome motto to live life “heart first”, features “Prayers for a Heart-Shaped Life,” with over 200 prayers to draw you closer to the heart of God, the author of Love Himself. Each heart-shaped prayer and selected Bible verse sets you on the road to the only life worth living – LOVE.



Fear Less, Pray More – by Janet Ramsdell Rockey


Fear Less, Pray More
A Woman’s Devotional Guide to Courageous Living

by Janet Ramsdell Rockey

Barbour Books, Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Pub Date: 01 Aug 2017. ISBN: 9781683221852. PRICE: $4.99

Fear Less, Pray More – A Woman’s Devotional Guide to Courageous Living is an inspiring devotional guide filled with wisdom and grace, featuring 180 readings and prayers specially designed to alleviate your fears as you learn to trust God each and every day. This devotional book will inspire you to live courageously one day at a time, in your daily walk in Faith. As we place our trust in God, He gives us courage and strength. This devotional guide to courageous living will encourage us to fear less and pray more. Trust in God and do the right. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is with us, guarding and guiding us all the way, until we reach heaven’s gate of glory and grace, where we will sing in happiness and praise.

Miriam Jacob