A RUMORED FORTUNE by Joanna Davidson Politano

“A Rumored Fortune” by Joanna Davidson Politano is a treasure hunt in itself, with a heroine that everyone loves, a hero to be proud of and a family mystery that ends up in the discovery of a Rumored Fortune.

In this delightful debut of a poignantly sweet romance, a cleverly crafted story-within-a-story, full of dramatic Victorian intrigue, the rules of nineteenth-century England are explored in the complex pecking order of British society.

Extremely witty, deeply heartfelt and exquisitely penned, this inspirational historical romance is a most captivating story with an intriguing plot, dramatic plot twists, strong faith themes depicting how God works in human lives to make faith grow in the hearts of His children.

© Miriam Jacob


The Lacemaker – by Laura Frantz

9780800726638 - Copy


ISBN: 9781493412501. Pub. Date: Jan 2018. PRICE: $15.99

The dashing young hero of “The Lacemaker,” Noble Rynallt, is truly noble and lives up to his name. The gracefully elegant and beautiful heroine, Lady Liberty’s great resourcefulness, in the face of the utterly devastating loss of everything most precious to her heart, reveals a woman of incredible courage, strength and determination. Laura Frantz has a fastidious approach to historical research and pays an impeccable attention to detail. Her clear-cut characterisation has an uncanny ability to revive heartfelt emotion in her readers with living, breathing characters, large as life. In “The Lacemaker,” Laura presents a highly suspenseful story of true love, cunning twists of betrayal, and brand new beginnings. With her flawless, meticulous eye for detail in historical fiction, Laura Frantz enchants her readers into the beautiful world of historical romance to make them feel a warm part of her incredible story.

Miriam Jacob